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Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares No Makeup Photo

media_removed_toofab 102011

While most female celebs hate photos of them without any makeup on, Jennifer Love Hewitt is actually sharing one!

The former "Ghost Whisperer" star just posted a fresh-face pic of herself on Twitter, with the message "No make up pic for my lovelys! Somebody needs a hair and make up trailer!:)"

She actually looks pretty good considering the lack of face paint -- and definitely better than some of the other ladies in the Stars Without Makeup gallery above.

See how J-Love stacks up!

Comments (5)

Tim:  1204 days ago


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magica:  1204 days ago

I'd bang her. Hard.

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DanceDaisy:  1204 days ago

She looks great without make up, fresh faced.

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USArmy:  1203 days ago

She looks great. Not about what is on the outside.

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tahoegeminii:  1197 days ago

Fresh faced??? is that what you call it-first of all she is wearing eyeliner and the"smudge look" under her eye-second she looks like a Chihuahua complete with nervous quivering large nose, watering eyes and no chin-what is that black stuff on the top of her lip-herpes?? looks pretty bad without her war paint and fake eyelashes-her desperation to stay a "movie star" long after her 15 minutes of teen scream notoriety has passed is really starting to look pathetic and she is starting to look like the resident Hollywood and Vine bag lady. I would love to bet on that-in 20 years JLH will be homeless mentally deranged bag lady pushing her cart past the movie studios-shaking her fists at strangers and screaming "don't you know who I am??" and trying to force any man that passes close enough to get down to Tiffany's and buy her one of the engagement rings she has picked out so "he won't screw it up"-she could do it now-just take out the $10,000 hair extensions , really no make up and she can put on one of her Moo-Moo's all she needs is the cart

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