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Jersey "Housewives" Reunion: Teresa Giudice Goes Off


The first half of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" aired Sunday night, and the spotlight was on Teresa Giudice -- who is at odds with every other cast member.

Notably absent from the show was Teresa's former BFF Jacqueline Laurita. Her absence was explained by Caroline Manzo, who said Jacqueline felt "betrayed" and "hurt" by Teresa's actions (which will be revealed in Season 4). Also evident right from the top of the show was Teresa and Caroline were no longer friends.

Teresa's resentment towards sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and cousin Kathy Wakile was also explained: Teresa says she wasn't told they would be joining the cast, and felt they used it as a jumping off point for their singing and catering careers, respectively.

All night long Teresa was on the defense, hurling insults to her costars. Here are some of her best lines:

To Caroline: "It's like I'm looking at the exorcist right now! Your head is like spinning! I said I never wanted to make up with my brother? You're a freaking liar!"

To Kathy: "My cookbook inspired you to start making deserts, to make a business out of it, which is a good thing!"

To Melissa: "I didn't call [you] a gold digger, my husband did."

To Melissa: "You're the devil. You're wearing red. It matches you. You like that, b---h?"

To Caroline: "I don't want to hear your response right now. What you're saying doesn't matter to me!"

Next week's part II will surely bring out more barbs. Be sure to come back to TooFab for even more "Jersey" goodness.

Comments (7)

ktgulty:  1200 days ago

Theresa turned on her friends & turned in to a fame whore. She really should focus on the wild out of control daughters of hers & should go back to school! She is such a boob over talking cast members...oh..forgot,she never learned common courtesty!

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Heidi:  1200 days ago

Awwww come on now, we all saw the 'godmother's clan' of 3 against Treasa, party of one..... Additionally, we saw all season Caroline, as head of the mobfest, make snide remarks & say things behind Treasa's back.....The Manzo' fam', in my opinion, is starting to show their true colors, as if many of us didn't have Caroline's # to begin with..... Three against one......Hmmmmm, wouldn't call that fair odds but we must remember, that this is 'scripted' television for drama which equals big ratings for Bravo.............. You go Treasa, bring in those ratings for Bravo........!!!

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TheUltraworld:  1200 days ago

It's time for her to drop off the map

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hriley:  1200 days ago

If these women said in the beginning that this show is not scripted, should i believe you or them. I was on Joe Doherty court show and they had people that just went back and forth with the he said, she sad whereas you can get an explosive scene. Teresa is hot- headed and it doesn't take much to get her started. I'm really glad that Caroline has opened her eyes to Teresa. Loyalty to the wrong person can cause you a lot of grief. i have never known Caroline to lie about anything, She owns what she says. Teresa was all over the place; either she's lying or a severe case of memory lose. She owns nothing , even after she sees herself on camera. I didn't see 3 against 1 as much as I seen the possibility that Teresa has thrown everyone under the bus.

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JoJo:  1200 days ago

This whole situation breaks my heart! The whole 3rd season focused on Teresa and all of her family drama and Caroline and Jacqueline played bit parts this season. The entire season from the first episode to the last had a very negative tone. I was always a fan of Teresa but this season she showed her true colors. In my opinion Teresa is a narcissist and a sociopath, everything is all about Teresa. After all that Caroline and Jacqueline have done for Teresa she turns her back on them. Teresa is going to be a poor lonely old woman stuff with that fat useless husband of hers, I just feel sorry for the girls. Hopefully, Teresa will wake up and smell the coffee before its too late if its not already too late.

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NICOLE:  1192 days ago

This woman is totally out of control. She and her husband they need professional help NOW. They are making their children emotional lives totally miserable. Teresa is the master of attacking and deniying . She is becoming worse and worse. Her husband, there is no words to describe him.

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Morena:  1182 days ago

Teresa acted like an air head the hole reunion show! ever time she said wht ever was cause she knw the other ladies were saying the truth and she didnt have a answer for them!

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