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Christina Aguilera: No Makeup, No Pants, No Problem?

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Was Christina Aguilera in a rush when she left the house last night? Because it looks like she forgot to put on makeup ... or pants!

The singer and boyfriend Matthew Rutler were spotted on Monday leaving Off Vines restaurant in L.A., where X-Tina looked happy despite her messy appearance.

Aguilera has been catching a lot of flack lately for her style choices, including a new dis from Kelly Osbourne -- who said on her E! show "Fashion Police" that Christina "called me fat for years ... I was never that fat."

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Comments (10)

Lizzie:  1199 days ago

XINA looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL, she IS WONDERFUL!!!! Hooooooooray 4
XINA!! MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX is the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8888888888est!!!!

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DiamondLil:  1199 days ago

Goodness,.....she looks sensational,.....and 'no' makeup,......? Too bad about the loudmouth critcisms from Kelly Osbourne,.....geez, you two need to give it a rest. Christina, you are mega talent, look great without makeup,'ve even dabbled in the acting field,.....just downright multitalented. Sooo sista,......why don't you just STOP reacting to Kelly,......she has no talent, she doesn't do anything,....she's not worth your time,....Blessings to you and yours,......

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Hybrid:  1199 days ago

She didn't forget her pants, they just don't fit anymore.

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CashMoneyHoney:  1199 days ago

Kelly Osbourne was way fatter than Xtina is now or ever has been! She is just pissed cuz Xtina is hotter than her.

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Mrs.MiJack:  1199 days ago

X-tina is beautiful no pun intended, she could always lose the weight if she wants KellyOsbourne will still have that face no weight loss could fix that jealous litlle girls bad attitude. Who died and made Ms,Osbourne queen of anything anyway?

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DiamondLil:  1199 days ago

Look at how many people came through the Mickey Mouse Club and was a success,...a.b-i-g success ! Christina has power, talent, and the ability to be a powerhouse, many else are as talented as she is.
Christina rocks,............. Kelly Osbourne? What has she done,....?

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Mr_Farenheit:  1198 days ago

Graduated from the Mickey Mouse Club to the Chub Scouts. Nice example to set. No wonder why the USA is failing. We're all fat, lazy and laughed at.
People that encourage obesity (yes, she is obese. Look up the definition) are part of the problem our country is facing. We're circling the bowl and are about to head down the poop pipe.
Lose weight and live healthy. You don't have to be a size 2 or 5 or 7. But once you appear to be smuggling ricotta cheese in your ass and legs and your belly hangs over your pants it is time to change. Put down the fast food, ho ho's and snowballs.
Show the girl/guy and the people that ridiculed you for being fat how hot you can be. Make them envious. But most of all do it for yourself! Show me up and make me eat my words. You will feel better mentally and physically. The term "BBW", "Voluptuous", and "Curves in all of the right places" are just words of denial.
You can still be "Buxom", "Thick", "Sturdy" ,a bit "Stout" , a "Cutie with a Booty" and still be sexy. Rolls filled with blubber bouncing around are really vomit inducing.

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Emmett North Jr:  1170 days ago

I will always love Christina,no make up,no pants but looks beautiful,Emmett North Jr.

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Anastasia:  1116 days ago

Wish I looked that good WITH makeup on! She's gorgeous!

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CJ:  1115 days ago

Are y'all BLIND? She has like a pound of mascara and self tanner and do you NOT see purple eyeshadow?? She's a heifer...

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