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George Clooney's Girlfriend Stacy Keibler Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

When you're George Clooney's new girlfriend, all eyes are on you -- and what you're wearing.

Stacy Keibler wore a gorgeous gray Marchesa gown to her beau's "The Ides of March" premiere in Paris Tuesday night. As beautiful as Stacy is, we couldn't help but notice the double stick tape peeking out from under the bodice.


Unfortunately, no one told her about the wardrobe malfunction, so there's no perfect photo from the arrival line. Still, it's better to have your tape exposed rather than something else! Just ask Tara Reid.

We do have to credit George Clooney for looking at her eyes all night instead of her decolletage.

For more of Stacy's wardrobe malfunction, click the "Launch Gallery" button above.

Comments (7)

Susie:  1199 days ago

He buys all these clothes for his women obviously, she can't afford these outfits she has been seen wearing. Also how could HE NOT have noticed the tape? I mean its right there, and she didnt notice either? Heck I would have taken off the tape if it wasnt sticking and just pulling up the dress if it was falling.
Better then seeing that huge tape and having pictures taken with it.
He is so arrogant and just I dont know gross. Just the way he goes with a woman for a year or so, builds them up, and then dumps them. Its all just very strange.

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magica:  1199 days ago

Embarrassing the Cloonster?

See ya, Stacy!

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cowbulls:  1199 days ago

I think in these pictures George is too busy thinking he is the luckiest man in the world to be dating that incredibly sexy woman to notice the tape. Those legs may be the best sexual accessory in history.

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moso:  1199 days ago

Someone probably told her right away. The photogs just got the shot before... WHO CARES... And I don't see the big deal about dating George Clooney. He is a dating machine. Will never commit to one for more than 2 yrs. He just broke up with the last one and moved on quickly!! He has issues!!!! But the women are just as stupid. They just want the 20 minutes of fame for dating him... He will be a lonely old man!!!

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zombieland:  1199 days ago

I remember 10-13 years ago when she was Ms. Hand****. OMG she is still SO beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous! Love me some Stacy Keibler..

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