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Leo's On-Screen Gay Love Interest: Who Is He?

Move over Kate Winslet!

Leonardo DiCaprio's got a new big-screen love interest, and it's a guy!

In the upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed biopic "J. Edgar," DiCaprio's J. Edgar Hoover carries on a same-sex relationship with staffer Clyde Tolson, played by Armie Hammer.


If Hammer looks familiar, you've seen him (or two of him) before. He portrayed the Winklevoss twins in "The Social Network."

Tolson served as Associate Director of the FBI under Hoover. Tolson was Hoover's protege, confidant and perhaps more. The film suggests the latter, showing the two grasping hands in the backseat of a car.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" button above to see more pics from the upcoming film (the first three provided exclusively from Mobli) and the trailer below:

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CountryGal:  1201 days ago

As long as they aren't kissing or anything nasty I may go see it. Two guys making out makes me want to barf.

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Sepia830:  1201 days ago

I'm with you CountryGal

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SantaFeJack:  1201 days ago

Oh, come on, why not have them both do full frontal nudity and some good old fashioned naked mud wrestling....manly stuff, like that! But, seriously, folks...

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John:  1201 days ago

Country Girl better not risk seeing two guys kiss, she might barf what's left of her homophobic brains out.

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dougphx:  1201 days ago doesn't strike me as a crossroads of American ideals. I imagine that Country Girl is actually a fat gay who likes to provoke guys who can get dates.

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ELI:  1201 days ago

Finally Leo has a role where he truly looks like a grown man.

I feel an oscar is due here!

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JusSayN:  1201 days ago

Whatever Leo D. chose's to do, regarding a role in a movie, I support him! Kissing, hugging or whatever! Its a role and hes doing it. Regardless what "people" say doesn't matter. Haters will be haters & everyone's got the right to their opinion but judging or making remarks, Homophobic ones, are uncalled for...Let love be...Straight or gay-In a movie or In Real Life!!
:) ~JusSayN ~ (:

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Nino Dean:  1200 days ago

There is alot of Homophobic people on this site,CountryGal is one of them,such people should have their profile Deleted from this site because they are as bad as Racist people.

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prophet:  1199 days ago

Too bad Hoover's family can't sue for Hollywood bashing his memory. Hollywood is still bitter for Hoover blacklisting so many of these peoples relatives as communists. I thought Eastwood had more brains that to put out crap like this. This is another attempt by Hollywood to condone Homosexuality as normal. Same sex relationships are not natural or normal. The purpose of sex is to propogate a species. This crap about "making love" is BS. Why not call it what it is "making an orgasm". People like Nino think that the rest of us don't have the right to speak out against what we know is wrong. People are born with other mental disorders and they get treatment for it. Homosexuals think their mental disorder should just be accepted. Sorry, I choose not to accept it as normal.That is my right.

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prophet:  1199 days ago

Despite the clear implication in the book that her story was true and the declaration on the book's jacket that the Mafia knew that Hoover was a" closet homosexual and transvestite" and held that over his head, Summers told me that he merely reported what Rosenstiel said, along with what others claimed. He said he holds"no firm view one way or the other" as to whether she told the truth.[5]

While there was always speculation about Hoover and Tolson, there were never any rumors about Hoover cross-dressing. Oliver"Buck" Revell, a former associate director of the FBI, noted that if the Mafia had had anything on Hoover, it would have been picked up in wiretaps mounted against organized crime after Appalachin. There was never a hint of such a claim, Revell said.

Hoover was more familiar to Americans than most presidents. The director of the FBI simply could not have engaged in such activity at the Plaza, with a number of witnesses present, without having it leak out. The cross-dressing allegations were as credible as McCarthy's claim that there were 205 known Communists in the State Department, yet the press widely circulated the claim without further investigation. That Hoover was a cross-dresser is now largely presumed to be fact even by sophisticated people.

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prophet:  1199 days ago

Rosenstiel, a former bootlegger during Prohibition, was well-acquainted with Mafia figures such as Frank Costello, originally Francesco Castiglia. He was also friends with Hoover, having endowed the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation in 1965 with $1 million. But Susan was Summers's primary source for the cross-dressing story, and she was not exactly a credible witness. In fact, she served time at Riker's Island for perjuring herself in a 1971 case.

Convinced that Hoover had somehow stacked the cards against her during the divorce proceedings, Susan had long tried to interest anyone who would listen that Hoover was a cross-dresser. Susan had taken her allegations to Robert M. Morgenthau, the U.S. Attorney in New York, who himself had no use for Hoover.

"She used to call me after 5:30 p.m. when my secretary had left, so I wound up having to listen to her," Morgenthau said. He said he found her claims baseless. But Morgenthau shared her allegations with William Hundley, who had a Justice Department attorney look into them.[2]

"Susie Rosenstiel had a total ax to grind," Hundley said."Somebody who worked for me talked to her. It was made up out of whole cloth. She hated Hoover for some alleged wrong he had done. Plus the story was beyond belief. I told Summers this. Then he goes ahead and uses it."[3]

Now seventy-seven and living in a single room in a Manhattan hotel where rooms rent for $98.85 a night, Rosenstiel said Summers paid her for the interviews she gave him, and she wanted to be paid for an interview for this book. Like most journalists and news organizations, I believe paying for information calls into question its credibility. When I told Rosenstiel this and suggested she could generate publicity for herself by telling the truth and admitting she made up the cross-dressing story, she said,"It did happen."[4]

Summers said that after Rosenstiel told her the cross-dressing story, she told him that she intended to give the story to another journalist. Summers said he paid her a fee to hold the story until his book came out. The producer of a do***entary made for Frontline and the BBC also paid Rosenstiel for her appearance with Summers, he said.

In an Esquire piece, Peter Maas, a world class journalist who died in 2001, pointed out that Summers's rendition of events has a fatal flaw: After the alleged incident at the Plaza, Hoover assigned agents to investigate Lansky, who supposedly had the goods on him. When the Miami Field Office complained that the investigation of Lansky was not producing enough information to justify the manpower, Hoover wrote back,"Lansky has been designated for 'crash' investigation. The importance of this case cannot be overemphasized . . . The bureau expects this investigation to be vigorous and detailed."

Still presumably cowering because Lansky had incriminating photos of him, Hoover followed up with an order to install bugs in Lansky's apartment. Having been ordered by Robert Kennedy to attack the Mafia as the FBI had attacked Communism, Hoover wrote in the January 1962 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin,"The battle is joined. We have taken up the gauntlet flung down by organized crime. Let us unite in a devastating assault to annihilate this mortal enemy." Yet even before Kennedy took over, Hoover, stung by the disclosure of the 1957 Appalachin meeting, had been pursuing the mob aggressively. Doesn't that torpedo Summers= theory? No, Summers told me, by that time it didn't matter to Hoover. But, of course, if there were such photos, they would have been just as embarrassing in the 1950s and 1960...s as in earlier years. Summers pointed out that he wrote a lengthy rebuttal to Esquire, and he called the Maas article"inaccurate and abhorrent."

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paulmor909:  1197 days ago

No he has a full sex scene with anal sex in the film!

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