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Lindsay Lohan's Makeup -- The Severe Close-Ups!

Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Los Angeles courthouse this morning with her platinum blond hair pulled back and dressed in all-white.

While her Fendi dress was fantastic, her make-up was definitely not.

Sloppily applied brown blush made her cheeks appear bruised, and dark brows and smokey eyeshadow aged her dramatically. Keep in mind, Lindsay is only 25! Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to see close-ups of her face and more make-up mishaps.


Judge Stephanie Sautner just revoked Lindsay's probation and set a hearing in November to determine whether the actress goes to jail -- for up to a year-and a-half.

Should Lindsay go to jail? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

Comments (15)

Kim:  1196 days ago

She looks like a zombie...

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beyunkahROX:  1196 days ago

Seriously what goes through her head...

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ELI:  1195 days ago

Lindsay Lohan who?

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DiamondLil:  1195 days ago

I used to feel sorry for her, being brought up in such a dysfunctional familyl when I first starting hearing about Lindsay, her parents were still married and the police were constantly being called out about domestic violence, or fights papa Loghan was having with the son. This young lady at one time HAD such a promising career,.....what the hell happened? Neither one of her parents were obviously setting the right example for her, nor the other Lohan children. This teflon attitude Lindsay has, that the law cannot touch her, seems to be working for her; what the hell will it take to wake her up, that the world DOES NOT revolve around her. The directors and producers are very hesitant to hire her,.....the insurance would be astronomical, and in some cases they will not cover her at all. What a shame,.....this Gotti movie would have been a major breakthrough for her,.....although NO contracts have yet to be signed,......but with this latest fiasco, she may not get the role after all. It's hard to feel sorry for her anymore, when there are many people out there who would do handflips over their mothers, to be given the opportunities this giel has f**ked up, by her own doing. Doesn't or ISN'T there any sane and stable people in her life,....other than people who only want to kiss her azz? Sad to see her talents go to waste,.....and stable people will not help, until they see you truly making the efforts to turn yourself around,......has your agent,publicist or manager dropped you yet,.....matter of fact, when's the last time they have been paid?.....Sad,...Sad,...Sad.

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nativeangel:  1195 days ago

She looks high, that make up job is a dead give away.Poor girl, needs some help, her mom seems to only care about the money she make off her.No wonder

the poor girl is lost.

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Katz:  1195 days ago

She looks like a 40 year old woman trying to look 30! What color blush did she use, "Look Like Bruising Wine"? I can't believe any man would want to touch her without fear of catching something! ECK!

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Kylie's injected lips:  1195 days ago

She looks terrible! She needs a conservator, someone to step up and take control..someone who acutally cares needs to step up. Her mother needs to open her eyes and take off the blindfold and help her this rate, in ten years max her career will be over.

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Caleigh:  1195 days ago

She looks a little vampire-ish, I mean do you think Dina did her makeup?

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onecent:  1195 days ago

This girl just CANNOT get it right. WHO shows up in court looking like HAPPY the freakin' CLOWN? Does someone, ANYONE care about this girl? Where is her sorry a$$ so called Mother? I don't feel sorry for her, she is old enough now to take responsibility for her own wack actions and not place the blame on ANYONE but herself. Cut the "oh woe is me" "pity party" routine, and grow the F**K up!!!! Her little corny actions are boring as H*LL!

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Lilly Pad:  1195 days ago

Isn't it dreaful we are watching someone who is about to have a major accident, or near death experience,....kinda sad. I am beginning to wonder if she has ANY people around her that are stable, will stand up for her and to her,...regardless of the consequences. Her parents are useless,....example: Dina has moved on to ruining Ali Lohan's life like she did Lindsay. Papa Lohan (a joke) has yet to find a PR opportunity that would benefit him; he's too busy defending hissel****ainst dometic violence charges,....mark the date, he WILL show up on November 2nd for Lindsay's hearing,........talking to the press of course.
How very sad for Lindsay, she's too self involved to realize the destruction she is doing to herself,....what kind of reality check would slap this young lady into what is really going on, and how she is destroying her life and career.

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Lilly Pad:  1195 days ago

With all seriousness, before she destroys herself, it's tooo bad she can have a v-e-r-y long and meaningful conversation with Drew Barrymore. Drew, for a lot of years walked the path Lindsay is walking now (Drew was doing coke and alcohol starting at age 11, thanks to her mother Jade,taking her out to bars). Sound familiar? Drew could only get a job as a waitress, no studio would hire her,....sound familiar? Drew made a decision that she wanted life and a successful career, over being the major party girl she was at the time, in LA.
That's where Lindsay needs to go,....but SHE needs to wake up,.....wha'ts it gonna take?

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amanda maldonado:  1194 days ago

what gooes through this girls head like seriously groow up adn be a dam LADDDY !!!

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browneyedgirl :  1194 days ago

Lindsey is unconcerned about life. I feel she only thinks of today. Never tomorrow or about consequences of where her life is going. She is on the downslide of a death at a young age. Someone mentioned above that she is cutting her own throat. She has been given chance after chance to turn herself around. I do not think that is what she wants. I say after this delay on showing up late.....put her in jail....yes regular jail with no special treatment. No more chances, no more one more time. Got straight to not pass not collect money. Put her in. Let her know you are now playing her game anymore. No interviews with the press on how she is doing. Lindsey....time to grow up and play the real game of life. You have well passed your prime.

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