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Taylor Armstrong Hooking Up with Bravo Star?

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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" widow Taylor Armstrong has been linked to "Most Eligible Dallas" star Matt Nordgren -- and now one of them is speaking out on the rumors.

"Taylor and I are friends," Nordgren told a photog yesterday at LAX. "She's Bravo, we're family, we all support each other."

But is it more than just a friendship? Watch the video above to see Matt's full description of their relationship -- and if he considers himself a "rebound."

Armstrong's husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide back in August. Since his death, Taylor has spoken out about their marriage -- alleging he had physically abused her on numerous occasions.

Comments (3)

christy:  1191 days ago

she is too old for him, plus she has a 6-yr old and he doesn't seem big on other peoples kids. There is no way it would last, he is a player big time!!!

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maria:  1181 days ago

He is a Don Juan ,he will not get with this woman,he likes the girl in the show (dislike her) he don't want any compromises ,he loves to be around PRETTY young girls...this is all baloney! That she will get connected soon with someone? I believe so! but it has to be RICH remember she is a gold digger!

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Morena:  1180 days ago

Ayy she need to get her self together before she even thinks about dating any one!

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