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Kim Kardashian Turns 31 -- See Her 31 Sexiest Looks!

Kim Kardashian has been bringing sexy back for years. Her claim to fame came about with a sex tape starring Kim, her curves and R&B singer Ray-J -- and, as luck would have it, a scandal was just what it took to land the socialite and her family a hit reality show on E!.

Kim started out as a celebrity stylist, and has always had an eye for fashion and a hunger for the spotlight. Whether it’s on the red carpet or running errands, this buxom beauty knows how to flaunt it in all of the right places -- people just can’t get enough of her famous shape.

Now in large part thanks to Kim and her bombshell body, the Kardashian clan is taking over Hollywood one reality show (or should we say wedding) at a time.

Kim turns 31 on October 21 and to celebrate her birthday, toofab has pulled 31 of Kim’s sexiest looks.  Click “Launch Gallery” to check out Kim’s sexy styles.

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Lilly Pad:  1199 days ago

While she is quite lovely for print ads,....her body is closer to normal than these stick figures who are usually emaciated and just don't look healthy. Video ads,....she just doesn't have the charisma for that. Most importantly ,on than one occasion, the girl has a lot of trouble putting syllables together. I'm all for people trying,and being successful,....but she and her family are soooo shallow, wonder she is the most hated celebrity, and her familt hated too. With the kind of money she makes, she is more interested in her celebrity. She could do really great work with her wealth, for people who are poor, who have nothing,....give them a step up, give them hope. I would respect her even more, if every little thing she did, WASN'T a press event. Bruce Jenner earned his image and his teputation as a world class athlete,.......the other family members have done nothing.......says a whole lot about their character,......or lack there of.

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Kev:  1198 days ago

Didn't realise Kim was older than Paris!

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billyinc1:  1185 days ago

Behold a Goddess!

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