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Is Ashton Kutcher's New Nikon Ad In Bad Taste?


As Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore fight off allegations of an affair and divorce, the 33-year-old actor is appearing in a brand new commercial -- where he's flirting with other women and inviting them back to his bedroom!

The new spot with Ashton is only the latest in a series for Nikon -- and all the other ads have also shown him hitting on and taking photos of hot ladies. Strange for a married man, right?

Neither star has spoken out about the rumors, but both continue to wear their wedding rings in public.

Do you think the new ad is in bad taste ... or just bad timing?

Comments (3)

Sherms:  1197 days ago

Why is it in bad taste? It's only who he is, whether or not people agree/disagree, like/dislike. He is way too young for Demi, and those days of fun and excitement are well past over. Maybe it was some bad timing on Nikon's part, but not bad taste. It's a commercial. I think we way over-analyze!

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goodgirl:  1197 days ago

hmm ... could be that they are poking fun at all the rumors. ;)

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GrandmaSunny:  1196 days ago

I've always noticed how weird it felt in those commercials for him to be flirting and taking photos of young, beautiful women. There's so many beautiful, amazing, funny, bizarre things in this world they could have focused on him taking pictures of, why portray him as some bachelor on the prowl? Just never seemed right.

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