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Burn! Anchor Slams Kim Kardashian on Her Birthday


Kim Kardashian turns 31 today -- but one news anchor in Dallas is refusing to say her name, let alone wish her a Happy Birthday!

The hilarious exchange went down today on "Good Day Dallas," (via Gawker) where anchor Tim Ryan made it clear he doesn't keep up with the Kardashians during a segment where the newscasters guess celebrities' ages.

"I'm on strike, she is not a celebrity," he exclaimed before adding "I'm not even going to say her name  ... she's nothing..what is she?"

Tim's co-anchor Lauren Przybyl was shocked ... and we are too!

Check out the video above.

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popnewsgirl:  1196 days ago

He looks like a total ****. I feel bad for his co-anchor.

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JLS:  1196 days ago

I'm not shocked. He mirrors what I feel. I don't know anyone that acknowledges this pornstaris some sort of star.

And then there is THIS: We have had this entire family rammed down our throats for years ad nauseum. All of them are disgusting. Self important, nasty and no class (particularly Khloe Kardashian). White trash.

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jpierce26:  1196 days ago

let me guess....the whole K clan will be up in arms over this too. I hat the K clan. I refuse to watch them, refuse to buy anything of theirs or even touch a magazine they are in. Their time is just about up. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

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george:  1196 days ago

bravo to him, F that no talent B and her clan family.

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blondie:  1196 days ago

THANK YOU TIM RYAN for having the guts to say what the majority of America thinks!! How this woman has become a facet on the cover of magazines with clothing lines and lord knows what else is beyond me. American Idol pulls in 35 million views. US weekly wrote that the Kardashian shows pull 2-4 million viewers... that isn't a very big audience. Obviously, we the people that reside in America don't care all that much.

I normally avoid any all magazines, online posts regarding Kim and her crew but when I saw the title of this "article" I had to read and watch the video!!

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Areader:  1196 days ago

Granted Kim launched herself and her entire family to fame through her sex tape with Ray J, however, to say she's not a celebrity is false!

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The One and Only:  1196 days ago

All you people need a reality check! If so much of America hates her then why did Millions of viewers watch her wedding or other shows? Why is her clothing line made BILLIONS of dollars?! Clearly not all people are as close minded as y'all are.

People gotta make a living and she is making one hell of a living for herself and is a very successful woman. Don't hate on someone just cause your jealous of how easy she is making this money that just shows she is clearly smarter than you. She found a way to make a lot of money fast by relating to people in some way which is what most of us want to do.

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blondie:  1196 days ago

Oh "One and Only", hun, who are you kidding? She isn't that smart. Her mom is. Her wedding episodes didn't draw *that* many people.... how her mom has branded her children is smart, but that's where it ends. They're all tacky and classless.

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jpierce26:  1196 days ago

The one and only: Do no*****ch the episodes sorry. If she is smarter then me, how come she has been divorced, made porn, made a clothing line that DOES NOT sell. Has FEW viewers and wasn't married until her 30's and has NO kids. Just cause you have money doesn't mean your happy. I have a wonderful husband who is in the military and makes enough money where I can stay at home with our two kids. I also have a masters degree and I am the happiest I have ever been. Looks like I got the "smart" stick. Girls like Kim K who say that they do charity work then go out and buy a 5 million dollar ring are sick and obviously need some mental help. I give her 2 years. She will once again be divorced and the fame will be over. God, I can't even bare to look at this article again....sick sick sick.

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longagain:  1196 days ago

Yaaaaaaah! Finally people with a clue standing up and revolting! Those nasty Kardashians are talentless self important hacks who contribute absolutely nothing to society.

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JUstin:  1196 days ago

Okay , I get it , but he didn't have to embarrass his co-anchor like that. I don't think she appreciated that and it showed from her fake laughter. it was maybe a little bit unprofessional on his part..Am sure they are going to feature Snooky next week and he's going to be all over that ...Now how weird is that ?

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Butterfly:  1196 days ago

I AM NOT PUTTING ANYONE ELSE DOWN, BUT, I agree with Tim Ryan. My opinion is K K is not a celebrity, just, well known. Potential celebrities work darn hard and long for respectable recognition with some failures and some with success. K K failed to achieve respectable status because of her past performance on tape. True, she has become a multimillionaire but, not on her own. She has a battery of highly talented financial wizards who direct her income witch is beneficial for their own future. I have listened to her speak and it seems she is unable to string six words together to form an intelligent statement or capture the interest of an audience. Also, I have never heard her take part in discussions about politics, current events, religion, etc, etc, etc. Again, she is not a celebrity, just, well known.

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Smash Bravo:  1196 days ago

Bravo!!! It takes a lot of guts to speak up like he did. So many people only worry about kissing their asses, and whether you agree with him or not (I happen to agree), you have to respect that he had enough balls to do this.

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stafee:  1196 days ago

I think she's using what she's got to get what she wants. Anyone in their position would do the same. Im not rich, but I say money might not make you happy, but it can buy enough to keep my mind off the sadness . I say HAPPY B-DAY KIM K. Use the haters as motivation, to get more. @jpierce26--not everybody in the world wants to be a slave cow to a man. sit home having babies, making meals, cleaning house. Thats a slave, not a partner.

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honey2000:  1196 days ago

stafee, do not be a hater on jpierce26. Raising your kids with your husband is not slavery, it is called a partnership that benefits all, including the community. It is support that allows the man to focus on his career, knowing his wife has the home warm and loving upon his arrival. It is a loving WIN-WIN that perhaps the concept is lost on women that are holding on to some bitterness, and need to forgive to move on to LOVE.

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