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Dina Manzo Weighs In On "Real Housewives" Feud


Dina Manzo may be long gone from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," but she's clearly not forgotten! Dina quit the show midway through Season 2, but she was a hot topic during Sunday's Season 3 reunion, when her older sister Caroline accused Teresa Giudice of creating a rift between the two Manzos. See what went down below:

Now Dina's weighing in. In a blog posted Monday entitled "The Truth," Dina says Teresa did not cause the rift. "I decided to distance myself from ALL the housewives once I left season 2 ... I really wanted to walk away from all of the toxic behavior," Dina wrote. "Teresa had nothing to do with me staying away from everyone," she added.

So what's the real reason Dina and Caroline haven't spoken in months? Dina won't really say. "Some things that I will NOT get into did happen behind the scenes with certain family members," she wrote. "Feelings did get hurt ... I won’t get into them because I have no desire to rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore."

Regardless of the feud, Dina wants the world to know that if any of her family members need her (including Caroline), she'll be there. "All I will say is that I LOVE all my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and I want nothing but the best for them and I mean that from the bottom of my heart ... If any of them needed me I would be there for them in a heartbeat ... some of us that just gravitate towards one another because we are more alike, that doesn’t mean we hate the others."

Judging by her blog, it appears Dina is Team Teresa in this war of words. Guess blood isn't always thicker than water, especially when it comes to the "Housewives."

Are you Team Caroline or Team Teresa? Tell TooFab in the comments below.

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pandora:  1189 days ago

Who cares. I am so over all of the housewives and their ridiculous lives.

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popnewsgirl:  1189 days ago

Dina has turned into a high maintenance princess. Her HGTV show is a bore and she's trying to stir up some controversy to stay relevant.

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Lynn:  1189 days ago

Can't stand Dina. Can't stand Teresa. Teresa is a complete wack-a-doodle! She is a narcissistic bitch! Her husband is a short, pudgy, disgusting pig! I love Melissa and HER Joe. They are awesome! Melissa is a lady. Teresa is a skank. Teresa needs to go "scratch" herself. It's probably an STD...

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Mech:  1189 days ago

Theresa used to my favorite, but not anymore! This whole season has not once EVER took responsibility for her actions or bitter comments. She acts like the victim and is sooo petty! To be quite honest, she shows signs of major psychological issues. Each batch of housewives always has a "crazy one". Last year from NJ was Danielle. This year it's Theresa! She is in denial, narcissistic and delusional. I feel bad for her beautiful kids as they are witnessing this unhealthy behavior.

It seems that Jacqueline is pretty tolerant. So if she is cutting ties with Theresa ,Theresa must have really done some damage. I hope Dina and Caroline can make up soon. They both seem like sincere, intelligent women.

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DJ:  1189 days ago

Along with Caroline & Jacqueline, the newer ladies seem to have the same take on not needing to let it be known what & how much they have. I do have to agree with the comment on Dina: I was extremely disappointed in her HGTV show and did no*****ch past show #2.- although I do respect the high road that she & Caroline have taken concerning their issue. This season has shown how DESPERATE TERESA IS. It is always the other person (reality check) : as far as her husband-I was wondering why he was so comfortable when they visited that farm last year-He felt right at home with the other animals! I love the Housewives Shows and my ending comment is:
Everyone is replaceable (danielle) Bye Bye Joe & Teresa - NEXT

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b.mclane:  1189 days ago

Wow! am I watching the same show?Teresa was blind sided many times from the spotlight seeking Melissa. Her hubby, Joe only has enough blood to activate only one extremity at a time. Karen is so jealous of Teresa she can spit blood and seeks a conflict wherever she goes and Caroline's local radio show has swelled her head so much she honestly thinks she is a wise old sage and has a main line to Know It all land. So sick of her pontificating. With Teresa you get what you see. She admits when she is wrong and keeps her nose on her own face. Fame has ruined all these Housewives shows. They all are such glittery messes. BTW: Andy getting all high and mightly about Joe using the "f" word is like a rapper getting all hurt over someone using the "n" word. Both groups use the word non stop amongst themselves.

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Heidi:  1189 days ago

I'm a Teresa fan, bottom line........ In my opinion, Teresa is the ONLY one left on the show that keeps the ratings for Bravo, thus keeping this specific Housewives Franchise on the air....... The other casts members are just plain boring with nothing to add to the show other than trying to be 'perfect, thus likeable'..... Only problem with that is that the true viewers of Housewives don't tune in for a 'suger coated' show, if so we'd be at a Disney movie instead...... Those who watch the Housewives Franchise tune in for the drama, which, again, this show would not have without Teresa.... Even the drama free/boring cast members talk & laugh behind Teresa's back up to & including some guy who claims to be the Manzo' brothers roomate....All for airtime for otherwise, they would have none...... Regarding the Dina situation, Dina has made it clear for weeks now & in print that Teresa has nothing to do with her issues with her sister Carolyn & brother Chris..... Carolyn, Jacqueline & Melissa with their signifant others are the ones who 'chose' to air their family laundry while the cameras were rolling...Jacqueline, even to the point of exploiting her teenage daughter's issues on film.... These decisions were made by 'themselves' & Teresa, who they love to blame, didn't make any of those choices for them....... Yep, I'm a 'NJ' & 'BH' Housewives fan & love the drama, however do believe that the 'family disputes' could tone down.... But Teresa brings drama that = ratings which = $$ for Bravo......

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hriley:  1189 days ago

Teresa does keep the show alive, but she lies to herself and others. She says she want to be with her family, but minus their spouses. she claims that she inspired everyone on the show to do something, but she had to inspire herself because they went belly up because of her over spending. Remember the first season, she was whipping out cash-left and right. Who does that in front of cameras. I wondered when Caroline was going to believe her first feelings about Teresa. Seems slike everyone else is doing the same. The reunion just topped it off. Teresa will keep her children crying, treating a little girl like an adult. Children should mot be involved in adult things.

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pookie:  1189 days ago

I swear the people who support Teresa are delusional. Its one thing to like her for being the crazy lady, at least you recognize she is the one causing all of the drama, but its entirely another to think everyone else treats her poorly. Anyone supporting Teresa thinking she is so innocent is living in a completely different reality, or hasn'*****ched this past season. She has major psychological issues, and everyone around her makes such an effort to be her friend its unbelievable to me they keep trying when she's constantly taking shots at them and then pretending she's just joking. She never owns anything she says or does, and just constantly blames everyone else. I can't believe she has ANY supporters at this point. How petty she is with her kids vs Melissa's, her bathing suits vs Melissa's, her stylist vs Melissa's, it just reeks of me, me, me, everybody look at me! The sad thing is she doesn't admit to anything just attacks people so she'll never fix herself. Its funny how in denial she is over their financials as well, and i still can't understand how a family that filed bankruptcy, being sued for $200k, with the husband out of work can still afford their mansion and buy their kids iphones(don't forget about the cost of monthly plans), expensive toys, etc. for preschooler kids. I was surprised when she dropped tens of thousands in cash shopping for furniture in earlier seasons. Teresa is just living in her own reality, and the fact that she has fans still is sad to say the least....Oh and the Bravo forum screener is awful, they are very bias in how they weed out comments where they seem to have to have more positive posts than negative ones, tired of writing posts there that don't get posted. done posting there.

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onecent:  1182 days ago

@pookie: You are SO RIGHT about Bravo weeding through the posts and posting most of the "positive" comments. They know people can't STAND tacky Teresa's goofy a**, and I no longer will waste my time there eiether. I agree with EVERYTHING you said about this psycho FOOL, and I keep hoping that one day she will run up on the RIGHT person and get that beat down she so richly deserves. At least Andy had the ba**s to ask the questions we all wanted to know and I give him props for that.

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