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Kim Zolciak Shows Off Post-Baby Bod in Skin-Tight Costume

Kim Zolciak won't be tardy for any Halloween parties this year -- because she already suited up in her sexy costume a week early.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, who welcomed son Kroy Jagger back in May, proudly showed off her post-baby bod while wearing a skin-tight getup this weekend in Georgia.

Kim looks pretty darn good in the slimming SVEDKA Girl suit, which busty "Jersey Shore" star Jwoww has also been spotted wearing.

Check out more pics of Kim above and tell us: Which reality star wore it better?

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Comments (7)

Mike L:  1189 days ago

Jenni looks so much better in this outfit. Kims face shows her age. Need to cover that up as well. Not that I would kick either one out of my bed......

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BDoll:  1189 days ago

How dumb, why would she wear that after JWoww all ready rocked it?? Jeni belongs in that suit, not Kim. She does not look hot in it. lol how embarassing!

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Susie:  1189 days ago

Actually JJJWowww looks really nice. Sorry Kim, you are looking older, the wigs are old news, and its time you act and dress more like a lady with children. The boy toy is not going to keep you young, you actually look like his mom(in the other pictures posted up here) and I am very sorry to say that. The boobs just bring more attention to the fact that you are aging, so I would bring them down a few sizes. I hate to hurt anyones feelings and please dont go out and get plastic surgery as that is FAR WORSE.

A 51 yr old Grandma

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rdiva44:  1189 days ago

I am a big fan of Kims.. but is it just me or is she wearing nursing pads under that skin tight get-up..gross!

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Kitten:  1187 days ago

SVEDKA needs to get their costume back...

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augu:  1175 days ago

everything looks fine on kim,i bet u the other has no kids and must be younger ehh?

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Glam:  1171 days ago

She looks 10 yrs young in her twenties with no make up or wig.. idk why she wears it she makes up reasons like her doc told her she had cancer..and idk cos she didnt go on radation or nething shes full of crap neway she actually has nice normal hair not even that thin and a nice face she doesnt look so manly and her eye brows look much softer..she says she hears it alot idk why she doesnt see it..its like kim kardashion they make themselves look so much older these 2 kims. its gross..cake k used to look exoctic now she looks old like her mom her neck and nose all straight n snob and boring.tragic

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