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Video: Zooey Deschanel Sings the National Anthem


She sings her own theme song on "New Girl," but last night Zooey Deschanel tackled something a little trickier: The National Anthem.

The quirky actress looked adorable in her black and red ensemble as she stepped onto the field at Rangers Ballpark last night for Game 4 of the World Series -- but how did she sound?

Pretty good, if you ask us! Of course, that should come as no big surprise -- as she's part of the recording duo She & Him and sang alongside Will Ferrell in "Elf."

Demi Lovato will be the next singer to perform the song for Game 5.


Comments (7)

Truth:  1193 days ago

Ughh.. she sings ghastly!! Terrible rendition, bitch cant sing at all. No one beats whitney houston's 1991 tampa bay superbowl version. That's the standard by which all these lame chica's cant measure up to. Truth!!

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Phenom:  1193 days ago

I thought she did well. I try never to make comparisons with other singers just so I can enjoy each person's rendition. She did well.

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Chuck:  1193 days ago

Terrific...great job Zooey.

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krittymac:  1193 days ago

Truth = Crap.

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Lisa G:  1193 days ago

Nicely done. Much better than the cotton commercial.

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cinder:  1193 days ago

Lovely rendition - she managed to make it hers without adding all that hideous gargling added by the likes of Mariah, Whitney, et al. It's the NATIONAL ANTHEM, people, not a hiphop POS! It's entitled to dignity and to be sung basically as written.

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Apostate:  1191 days ago

Not too shabby,Zooey.

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