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Courtney Stodden: The Shocking Before & After!


Courtney Stodden, the teen bride of 51-year-old "Green Mile" actor Doug Hutchison, insists she's 100% all natural -- but a brand new photo might suggest otherwise.

The blog Crazy Days and Nights posted an undated shot of the now-17-year-old Stodden ... and she looks like a completely different person.

Still think she's a natural beauty?

Stodden and Hutchinson, who are currently shopping a reality TV show (naturally), also filmed a segment with "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers" this week -- where the two explained why they recently got kicked out of a pumpkin patch in Santa Clarita Valley, CA.


Check out the sneak peek above. The full interview airs November 7.

Comments (36)

TexasJacks:  1194 days ago

she is such a garden everyone doesn't already know she's 100% fake....her a break..17?? more like 37 !!

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Amandanonymous:  1194 days ago

God, she is just all kinds of disgusting. Where is that video where she's getting into the passenger seat of her car, and her husband is talking about teaching her how to drive? That was the creepiest thing ever. They're creepy.

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B:  1194 days ago

I want to know why child protective services haven't stepped in, this sounds really gross arranged and fishy. If she is really 17 that is, most guys in the real world would be in jail for this bull****.

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lalaland:  1194 days ago

If you want a good laugh, check out The Soup's on-going spoof on this 'girl'. Hilarious.

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Stephanie:  1194 days ago

What's really sad is she was really pretty. Like naturally beautiful. Then she goes and kills that by adding trash to the mix. So sad.

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Straight Talkin Texan:  1194 days ago

Well, I don't like the whole thing, but on a positive note, at least they seem to be having fun.

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OBS:  1194 days ago

Fame wh*res start young. She seems to have the emotional maturity of a 16-year-old

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Marguerite:  1194 days ago

ugh she is so full of it. her boobs are as fake as her marriage. this whole situation is so disgusting and disturbing to think her white trash mom thinks its ok for her to marry someone who could be her grandfather. she looks like pam anderson and that is not a compliment

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Preesi:  1194 days ago

I have found a newspaper article that says she was 16 in 2008, making her 20 year old today

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buxxy:  1194 days ago

One skanky-already over-the-hill lookin ho....

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Lekili:  1194 days ago

If she truly is only 17 years old, hubby needs to be thrown in jail and toss the key away. I find it hard to believe that someone claiming to be 17 looks so worn and haggard, like some 40 + something year old street walker.
There is something very sick and vulgar about this entire relationship and the fact that her mother gave consent is troublesome. Who would want that for their little girl?
I beg you to stop doing stories on them, they make people sick.

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harleygirl:  1194 days ago

These pics remind me of the b4 and after of Pam Anderson...except pam was a brunette. Now they both just look plastic with clown thick makeup

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ZB:  1194 days ago

If she is 17....imagine how bad she will look at 37

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Revolutionary Breeze :  1194 days ago

I don't know who's worse, this kid or Heidi.

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beyunkahROX:  1194 days ago

She is so not 17

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