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Shortest Celebrity Marriages: Where Do Kim & Kris Rank?


Kim Kardashian will file for divorce from Kris Humphries today after just 72 days of marriage, but their union is hardly the shortest in Hollywood!

Check out the gallery above to find out which other celeb couples had seriously short-lived nuptials -- and find out where Kim and Kris rank.

Comments (13)

greeneyes36:  1186 days ago

She and her mother are so freaking FAKE!!! I feel for Kris, he was just thrown around like a ragdoll. Her mother is just $$$$$$$$$ hungry and could careless about someone's feelings. They make me gag.

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Common Sense:  1186 days ago

Neither one of these people is a 'Celebrity'!!!!!

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Manda:  1186 days ago

I'm sad about it.. which is kinda weird to say. But at the same time, she's just like her mom in the sense that it's always all about money. She wouldn't let him help at all with the wedding.. and then she wouldn't change her last name? I mean, she could still be a Kardashian. It's not like we would forget her last name.

I feel bad for him too, but I didn't like him at all. I think he's too much of a jerk at times.

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melissa:  1185 days ago

Poor Kim she have all the money, but never will be happy.............

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debschira :  1185 days ago

as sad as it is, not just me, but ALL OF US knew that he was being used as a $$$ maker, publicity magnet, and a pack mule (this last one u really have to think about). and i am so sorry for those of u who think otherwise, but i am completely convinced that Kris Humpries was so, so, TOTALLY USED FROM THE GET GO. Yes, he went into this totally blind and naive, but I totally believe that he WAS in it for the LONG HAUL. None of us has to write or say it, just think out loud KK was so so totally USED FOR FINANCIAL GAIN AND I THINK THE WHOLE LOT OF THE KARDASHIANS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP AND HAVE TO PAY KRIS EVERY RED CENT THEY MADE OFF THE BIG AZZ HOOPLA. (IN RETROSPECT I BELIEVE THAT MAYBE KYLIE AND KENDALL ARE NOT TOTALLY GUILTY, BUT IM SURE IN SOME WAY THEY HAD THEIR PART TO DO, WHAT; I DONT HAVE A CLUE) SO ON THAT NOTE I WILL END THIS RIDICULOUS COMMENT!!!!! SO SORRY!!!!!!

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anon:  1185 days ago

the only one i feel bad for is bruce
the rest of the females are vain gold digging bitches

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bbfan21:  1185 days ago

Not surprised did anyone really think KK was getting married to be a's all about money for these women. Only one that probably has some morals is Kourtney I mean what does Scott bring to the table but she loves him and that's obvious.

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Real Deal:  1185 days ago

Am i the only one knew the KK marriage was a publicisty stunt for Ryan SECREST the Kardashians PIMP AND E channel.They don't deserve to be acknowledge by media.

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MrYogi:  1185 days ago

Shortest Marriages of Hollywood Celebrities

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Terija:  1185 days ago

"BIBLE" anyone???

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Kevon:  1184 days ago

Whether poor little (BIG) Kris was used or not, oh well, he enjoyed the company of Gorgeous Kim!!! All you that whine about her making money, tell me are there any of you that don't make the almighty buck if ya can? Yer all just jealous!!!

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sammy:  1179 days ago

Kim is going to star in a new movie called "The marriage counselor" directed by Tyler Perry. Please go to his website and let him that you will boycott the movie if Kim Trashian is in it!!! Here's the link we can do this together

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