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Video: Russell Armstrong Makes First Appearance "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Did you see Russell Armstrong in Monday night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?" It was a little creepy. All season, viewers have been wondering how Taylor Armstrong's husband, who committed suicide on August 15th, would be incorporated in the show.

Well, we now know. In the episode, the Armstrongs invited Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio over for dinner. During the meal, Russell implied that Lisa Vanderpump secretly told Us Weekly that he and Taylor were separating, and he was so upset he threatened to sue the publication (the separation story ended up being true). Watch the clip below:

It's unclear if Russell will appear in future episodes, but it looks like Taylor's going to confront Lisa about the tabloid story.

What did you think of the decision to include Russell? No big deal, or done in poor taste? Tell toofab in the comments below.

Comments (6)

Chia:  1185 days ago

Did they make this so awkward on purpose? was portrayed as the worst dinner party ever.

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tidemat:  1185 days ago

They seem to always have really bad dinner parties on this show.
I'm not sure if its too soon or in poor taste. He was there and he was involved. Bravo can't pretend that he did not exist at all.

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maria:  1185 days ago

This is outrageous! this guys just die and due a terrible decision of his own.The show should not showing him, is too early already,I hope his family (not his gold digger wife) sue the crap of Bravo! This people cares is about money ,ratings not respect for his family I don't really care about his wife she can care less too,but his sons and his mother and is wrong! I watched last night I it give me the creeps watching this guy alive in the show ,knowing he is gone in such a tragic way!

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Sid:  1178 days ago

I thought it was a little creepy.

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peanut:  1178 days ago

Did anyone notice the creepy lighting?? Anyways, he was there because the producers thought it was a good story line to have them (Russell & Taylor) accuse Lisa of slandering them in the tabloids...period. It's all about the storyline. They (Bravo Producers) couldn't care less that Russell ended his life. Shame on Bravo. And just for the's a lame storyline. Show us more of Adrienne's fabulous Beverly Hills lifestyle!!! Lisa is a self centered ****.

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maria:  1175 days ago

Bravo and the show House of everly Hills should be banned! money and power is all about this guy is dead.....very creepy! I hope his family is suing them" pronto" ! all of them are making millions with the ratings how SAD!

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