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Joe Jonas Gets a Lap Dance from Britney Spears!

Joe Jonas is getting all the perks of opening for Britney Spears -- including a personal lap dance from Spears herself!

Joe, who just joined Brit's European tour, came back on stage during her show Sunday night -- where she had him handcuffed as her scantily-clad male and female dancers writhed around him.

Britney got in on the action herself and even straddled the fellow former Disney star!

Jonas isn't the first familiar face Spears has given a lap dance to, she also performed the sexy routine for boyfriend Jason Trawick and Pauly D.

Check it out above!


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tahoegeminii:  1182 days ago

of course she did -because basically she is a stripper like all her kind from MeMe to Madonna-video strippers with a lot of vocal over dubbing and lipsinking-as Christina would say they are performing doggies not "singers"

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