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Sarah Jessica Parker's Advice for Kim Kardashian

Sarah Jessica Parker has some words of wisdom for Kim Kardashian: Keep your private life private!

The "Sex and the City Star," who is in Australia at the same time as Kim K., was on Aussie radio's "The Matt & Jo Show" yesterday -- where she gave some advice to maintaining a happy marriage in Hollywood.

"First of all, we live in New York," says SJP, who never mentions the Kardashians by name ... but you know what she's getting at.

"I suspect that we choose to live our lives very differently. We’re not terribly public and we don’t talk about our marriage a lot. We don’t share those kinds of details, we don’t offer them up ... maybe that’s something to think about."

While Kim giving up "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" may be good for her private life ... we don't see it happening anytime soon.

Kardashian herself was on the same radio show that day, where she blasted media reports about her marriage and the cost of her ceremony.

"It’s tough, people have it so wrong... like I made 20 million and my wedding cost 20 million and all of these ridiculous rumors that just aren’t true," she says.

"I really just can’t pay attention to all of the negative rumors.  I’m just being me and I love hard and I do what I think is best at the time. I just follow my heart and I think that this year, I have just learned a lot about myself."

See more from that interview above.

Kim also made another public appearance for the Kardashian Kollection handbag line earlier today -- and, unlike yesterday, she actually smiled! Check out more photos below:


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R:  1180 days ago

SJP, don't even bother with advice. She's a fameWHORE and altogether a different lower class than you.

Kim Whoredashian isn't smiling. It's fake, just like her "love" and "marriage". Kris Humpheries is WAAAAAY too good for Kim. She never desereved him!!!


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cindy:  1180 days ago

She said she learned a lot about herself. Did she learn that she's a self- absorbed,money hungry Sl*t ?

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Vane Valdez:  1180 days ago

SJP is definitely too classy to even mention this cheap drama queen. Did Kim finished High School? She is just non-sense explaining all in her private life with stupid phrases. Besides, she needs English linguistics classes to avoid the "you know" a thousand times in her conversation which it make her look no class and no education. Common know it was all business. Show me the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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MFM:  1180 days ago

Let me see, when her mother sold her daughter's porno flick, Kim learned a lot about herself, when her mother sold her to playboy, kim learned a lot about herself and now, we had a wedding and that's over, and still, she's learning about herself - TIME TO PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCES AND MAYBE LEARN SOMETHING.....

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Cj:  1180 days ago

As long as EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE keeps talking about "it" then the dollars just keep rolling in. When are people going to get their priorities straight. There is an astroid the size of an aircraft carrier passing between the earth and the moon on November 8th that wasn't even mentioned today by any of the big networks. Come on, time to get back to things that really matter instead of people that don't.

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TrueThat:  1179 days ago

Dear Kim, if you're reading this I just want you to know that I used to be fond of you and thought you were a very professional woman at one point but now I see your true colors as with everyone else in the world. I don't care if you made millions off your wedding and people argue that it was all set up, that's not really what upsets me. My sister was married at one point for 3 months, she had a huge wedding, the wedding she'd always dreamed about but just like you she realized it wasn't going to work. The difference between you and her, my sister has SO much more class than you ever will. When she was planning the wedding I was by her side and not once did she question her love towards him or the actual wedding. You on the other hand had your doubts but chose to be selfish and go along with it anyway even though you weren't 100% for it. My sister did the right thing by returning all the gifts she'd received and even returned him the wedding ring because it was just things she needed to do to move on and they were the right things to do. You are so selfish for wanting to donate all your gifts to a charity, it's not like you're the one who bought all that yet you'll donate them under your name anyway and on top of that you'll get a big tax break all on everyone else's dime. Stop going on television ranting and raving about how it was hard for you to divorce him and you need to follow your heart, all you're talking about is yourself. What about all the guests at your wedding Kim? What about all the gifts/money people gave you? Think about it, your guests were probably not poor so let's say they gifted a $100 per person and there were 500 people, thats $50,000. We're all aware that you had very rich people in attendance at your wedding, in fact there were people there you didn't even know yet you call this the wedding of your dreams? Really? You're dreamt about a wedding surrounded by people you don't even know? If I were at your wedding you better believe I'd be knocking at your door for my money, nevermind the time wasted nothing I could do about that. Cut the **** Kim, actually thank you Kim, thank you for letting me see the real selfish coward that you are. I will no longer support anything you do and I'll never be watching your shows again. You're low-class, self-centered and disrespectful.

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Caligirl:  1179 days ago

Good lord. Sarah has class and Kardashian does not. Save your breath Sarah. Kim likes the negative attention as much as she likes the positive.

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beyunkahROX:  1179 days ago

She's a REALITY star its what they do! If she doesn't want that biz out there then get out of reality tv! But she's not cus she loves the money & attention! If Sarah is so damn classy why is she engaging in gossip just as everyone else ? Idiots.....

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tahoegeminii:  1178 days ago

SJP is not too smart-Kim became famous from sharing WAY too much of her privates to begin with-she still gets royalties for Ray J peeing on her while she screamed for more-how hideous of a start can you get -the only one worse is that hag skkannkkk Rachel Yuchitel-everything these fame stalkers make money on is from airing dirty laundry-it's the only thing they have plenty of-because brains, dignity and morals are no where in the Kardashian equation-if the skkankk doesn't give the rings back to Kris-I think they should be legally taken away from her or maybe just taken off with the finger attached--she played that guy for all he was worth-like he said -Kim could have stuck anyone in the groom slot-he was just a place holder-besides it seems obvious Kim was super jealous that her "ugly" sister-ya know Kim thinks she is better than Khloe-married a very successful B-ball star before her and was just trying to sister top-see sisters act all fakey lovey but mostly they are just jealous backstabbing bee-yotchs to each other-and SJP you just look stupid trying to"protect" your fellow fame drooling low life wanna be celebrity

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Clarity:  1178 days ago

Seacrest was behind all of this, don't forget. He made millions by puppeteering this family. Boycott the K's and boycott Ryan, too. Fame whore, yes, all of them and Ryan. But she got her start by being a whore and her mother is her pimp. And so many people are dying to be like the Kardashians. Family values, anyone? Ryan is now going to stand back from the family so their fall from grace doesn't rub off on him. Jus*****ch.

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mackerelcover:  1177 days ago

Really the whole family is just too disgusting for words

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blacksssheep:  1177 days ago

Fake smile.

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ThomT:  1176 days ago

No lessons will be learned until it hits the bankroll. The entire family is so self absorbed and money crazy that no matter how foolish they may appear to the normal world they are completely happy as long the the money keeps rolling in. It won't be long until Kim finds another true love and they'll be a "reality" show play by play of their dating, engagement and obscenely over the top wedding. And she had the nerve to wear white?

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andre`:  1162 days ago

You can't give trash advice. They dont listen. Its trash. You got to throw it away.

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dierdre:  1153 days ago

Hate is such a strong word, and i never thought i would ever use it, but you can't help it with these people.......I so much more than hate these morons......i really despise everything they stand for, and the whole clan is just disgusting.....I honestly don't know who i hate more the fat ass sisters, or the mama for the men, Bruce, Scott, and especially Kris H. wow .....HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE YOUR MANHOOD TAKEN AWAY FROM THESE WHORES???????? AT LEAST KRIS H. YOUR OUT NOW, AND SHOULD COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS.......WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EVER SEE IN THAT FAT BITCH ANYHOW......YUKKKKK THE NAME ALONE MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE.......I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE......DID I MENTION I HATE THESE MORONS???????????????

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