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Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison: Inside Their Bedroom

We're completely fascinated by 17-year-old Courtney Stodden!

From her frolic in a pumpkin patch to stepping out sans make-up, the girl can work a photo op better than Kim Kardashian. Toofab has obtained a new set of Courtney photos -- this time with her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison in their bedroom.

Check out the shots in this exclusive video from Dr. Drew's "Lifechangers" show, airing Monday at 3pm:

"Do you love those home shots, Dr. Drew?" Courtney cackles. The good doctor is rendered speechless, as is the audience.

Later in the show, Courtney gets an ultrasound of her breasts to put to rest rumors that she's had them augmented. Get a sneak peek in the clip below!

Her face is also examined by a plastic surgeon to see if she's gone under the knife.

Tune in to "Lifechangers" at 3pm Monday, November 7th to see the results!

Do you think Courtney is au natural? Tell toofab in the comments below!

Comments (18)

lalaland:  1181 days ago

I didn't even watch the video and I threw up in my mouth a little. This woman/girl/AARP member is just gross.

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a.m.:  1181 days ago

Good lord, that girl/woman/creature is almost drag-queen looking, only most drag-queens are much prettier. She is actually scary looking. I wonder how proud her parents are of her:/ Doug, she's going to outgrow you realllllllllllll soon!

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nikkiolio:  1181 days ago

My sentiments exactly...SHE'S GROSS!

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Allie:  1181 days ago

I think she s secretly Chris crocker....

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nORRis8:  1181 days ago

She's weird looking. Nice to see that Wal-Mart excused her an hour early to take this test. The shopping carts must be piling up in the parking lot though.

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unphased:  1181 days ago

Can you say HO HO HO??? And I'm not talking Santa Claus and Christmas. I mean HO HO HO!

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marepilwar:  1181 days ago

Whoa! Im really NOT the kind to hate on another girl, but NO WAY does this lollipop looking thing take better pictures then Kim K. Can someone pour this pup her kibbles and bits before she starts raging and attacks Dr. Drew with those fangs!!


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melis:  1181 days ago

OMG... SHE IS GROSS AND SO IS HE..................................
yeah she might have a great body but first you have to get past the face and the voice..ewe,,, .........................MAKE THEM GO AWAY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Areader:  1181 days ago

Leave it to every one's favorite media whore Dr Drew to have a 17 year old have her breasts examined on yet another of the fame whores TV shows! Psssst, Courtney, you may want to work on those hair extensions!!!

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lee:  1181 days ago

She is so ugly...her hair looks like a rats wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't bru***** all that often to get that teased look, she reminds me of The heavy set woman with the eye shadow up to her eye brows..I think her name was pinky heavy set blonde woman....see courtney your on your way...she is disgusting to look at ugly and she is trash..and her husband looks like he is a sick both need to wake up...your not as famous as you think you are or you'd be living a hell of a lot better in a nicer neighborhood...driving a better car and you would have someone dress you courtney...Mr. Black would have kept you on hi***** lst forever...stay out of disneyland you two crazy people.

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Chia:  1181 days ago

You bring out the worst people on this page. How about an actual celebrity who is on the D list or above. You can't be that desperate.

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nuffsaid:  1180 days ago

Get this child pornography off my computer since she is uhhhhh 17.

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Willa:  1180 days ago

OH MY GOD, I actually watched the videos, this THING is so gross, I'm not even calling her human, she isn't. The last video the doctor asks THING to smile big, IT bairs it's teeth not smile, so gross.

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Jdawg:  1180 days ago

She was obviously attacked by a swarm of bees after he MS Teen pageant and her boobs took many stings.

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Kylie's injected lips:  1178 days ago

That last video...the doctor asked her to smile correct? Is that really her smile?????

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