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November 6, 2011 8:37 AM

Video: SNL Spoofs Kim Kardashian's Divorce

You've seen "Kim's Fairytale Wedding," but now you can check out "Kim's Fairytale Divorce," thanks to the peeps at "Saturday Night Live."

Starring the hilarious Kristen Wiig as a spot-on Kris Jenner, Nasim Pedrad as a pretty perfect Kim and Andy Samberg as Kris Humphries, SNL mocked Kim's wedding and subsequent divorce on last night's episode.

"Whoopsies, I got divorced!" Pedrad exclaims in the skit, before Wiig adds "I know a lot of people say Kim got married just to make over $17 million from the wedding ... But that's not true, she also got married for attention."

The spot also featured frozen-faced Bruce Jenner and a bewildered Lamar Odom.

It was harsh ... but was it also pretty accurate? Check it out above!


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