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Video: SNL Spoofs Kim Kardashian's Divorce

You've seen "Kim's Fairytale Wedding," but now you can check out "Kim's Fairytale Divorce," thanks to the peeps at "Saturday Night Live."

Starring the hilarious Kristen Wiig as a spot-on Kris Jenner, Nasim Pedrad as a pretty perfect Kim and Andy Samberg as Kris Humphries, SNL mocked Kim's wedding and subsequent divorce on last night's episode.

"Whoopsies, I got divorced!" Pedrad exclaims in the skit, before Wiig adds "I know a lot of people say Kim got married just to make over $17 million from the wedding ... But that's not true, she also got married for attention."

The spot also featured frozen-faced Bruce Jenner and a bewildered Lamar Odom.

It was harsh ... but was it also pretty accurate? Check it out above!


Comments (23)

Marsy:  1177 days ago

love it.

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Sony:  1177 days ago

Now that's kkk reality lmao

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LLM:  1177 days ago


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stu:  1177 days ago

the lawyer part was lame.

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nuffsaid:  1177 days ago

Now Kimmie flies to Minnesota to meet with Kris and the pastor who married them. I hope Kris slams the door in her plastic face.

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sammy:  1177 days ago

Kim is going to star in a new movie called "The marriage counselor" directed by Tyler Perry. Please go to his website and let him that you will boycott the movie if Kim Trashian is in it!!! Here's the link we can do this together

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Leah:  1177 days ago

This couldn't be more the voice!! The one playing Kris Jenner is much prettier than the "real" Kris Jenner. She should be flattered. Next one needs to be about NOT returning the wedding gifts or ring.

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sPaNkdEnALgAs:  1177 days ago

That was great!!!!

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Areader:  1176 days ago


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Christine:  1176 days ago

Loved IT!!!! Very life like. Cried and then posed, cried and then posed LOL!!!! Seriously, I hope Kris Humphries tosses her out on her A** B***H! She dosen't deserve him, he's too good for her. GO KRIS HUMPHERIES!!

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Karen:  1176 days ago

Finally, some REALITY truth!!! Pull the plug on the Kardashian's people. Had enough!!!

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Sandy:  1176 days ago

That was priceless!!! Good job SNL!!! That will bring them down a notch or two!!

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andre`:  1176 days ago

That was so funny!!! Bruce face couldnt move with all the

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AyeJay:  1176 days ago

This was TOO perfect. The fact that they put Kris Jenner as she really is, living through her daughters and always wants to be front and center. Loved it!

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ThomT:  1176 days ago

Am I the only one who thinks maybe Kim is just waiting for OJ to get out of jail?

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