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Brad & Angelina Bring Entire Family to Japan!


The gang's all here!

Brad Pitt arrived in Japan today to promote "Moneyball" overseas -- and he didn't do it alone!

The superstar was spotted at Tokyo's Haneda Airport with his entire family, including Angelina Jolie, Vivienne, Knox, Pax, Shiloh, Maddox and Zahara. How cute is little Viv?!

One thing's for sure: These kids are some serious world travelers!

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CanadianGal:  1175 days ago

LOL... and Brad decided to look japanese for the occasion...

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A Real Lawyer:  1175 days ago

For the two supposed most attractive people in the world, they sure do make ordinary looking, if not on the homely side, kids. The adopted ones are adorable. The biological....not so much.

When are these two going to settle in one place and give these kids at least a little bit of stability. Why not allow them to go to school? Or make friends outside of their siblings? There is seriously something psychologically wrong with Angelina and Brad just goes along with it. Just dumb.

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kim f:  1174 days ago

These two are the most selfish adults on the planet. How about giving their kids a shot at normal academic and social lives. Why can't they let them go to school: there are plenty of vacations and all summer to travel. So they film on location, one can stay home so the kids can go to school. They may have tons of money, but they are going to need it
for therapy for their kids who missed so many steps in their development.

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floridacajun:  1174 days ago

I cannot tell which are girls and which are boys -Brad is looking like a Girl. He use to be so good looking and now is never groomed and looks like a pretty boy and lost his masculine look.

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lady:  1116 days ago

Brad pitt has gotten so bad over the yrs with his jolie/girlfriend. He really has let himself go. Guess he wants to keep up with jolie's image. Its either frumpy or black for her, and those kids dress awful....They need to go away and stay away.

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