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Kim Richards' Erratic "Housewives" Behavior Explained

Ever since "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" started, fans have wondered "What is Kim Richards on?!"  -- well, now we know.

The kooky blonde was seen doing a consultation with Adrienne Maloof's husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, where she revealed she was taking Lexapro, Trazadone and Topamax.

Lexapro is used to treat anxiety, Trazadone is an antidepressant and Topamax is an anti-seizure medication which can also be used to treat bipolar disorder and alcoholism.

According to Nassif, the drug combo can "make you slur the words a little bit. It's going to make you out of it."

Richards also swears she hasn't had a drink in ages.

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Linda:  1179 days ago

Topomax is used as a migraine treatment as well. It is often referred to as "dopomax" for a reason, it can cause slurring of speach, forgetting simple things such as names or what you are doing.

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liquid kitty:  1179 days ago

She's working on her life. Good luck Kim. Stay well.

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Sandy:  1179 days ago

I don't believe her when she said she hasn't been drinking!!! I believe she is pill shopping like Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan!!! This doctor looked shocked that one doctor would put her n all those medication but didn;t want to say anything because he was being filmed!! She really needs to be in rehap

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hopeful again:  1179 days ago

Sandy, do some research before you make accusations please. As a bipolar myself, and also someone who has been/currently on those same medications, it's 100% possible. It's also a very difficult to learn to live with and such combination of medication can help her get her life back. She doesn't need rehab, she just needs people like you to become educated or shut up.

Anyone else going through a similar struggle your not alone in it and you never were :)

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Glenda :  1179 days ago

So glad she was able to explain this. Medications are given for what ever reason the doctors give them for. We are all not walking around 100% right, we need help once in awhile and it looks like she does. Paul was great with his knowledge and being up front with her about her behavior and explaining that the combination is not ideal.

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Tinalouise:  1179 days ago

I don't have a clue as to why she is on all of these medications but it is clearly not working. She is an addict and is obviously addicted to something, it may be prescription and it may not be but one thing is for sure, she needs help and an intervention. When it is so obvious to the point that you ask yourself "what the hell is wrong with her" because she is slurring her words and acting off the wall then that means she needs intervention. I Know many people who have anxiety and take meds for it but she is over the top and isn't just medicating to get by on a daily basis but she is over doing it because she is an addict. This can only get worse if someone doesn't do something soon, and I hate to say it but I don't think the new bf is going to be of much help.

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longagain:  1179 days ago

I like my women a little dingy... :-)

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Sue:  1179 days ago

she says she has not had a drink in ages ?????? Liar

She was drunk as a skunk in the limo last year, and her sister
called her an "woman with a serious drinking problem "

Who you trying to fool, Kim? only yourself

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Karen Larsen:  1179 days ago

90% of addicts alcoholics in recovery KNOW exactly the last day they used!!!
I sure hope her new BF is in recovery, cause he looks like he has been through the wringer more than once!

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Sandy:  1179 days ago

Hopeful again, I do know what I am talking about I have mental illness in my family and Kim has been in rehap before and did not stay and complete the program I do believe she probably does have mental illness but I also believe she has some substance abuse issues too. I wish you the best of luck and I know what you are going through!! Mental illness is a daily struggle.

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Choyce2020:  1179 days ago

Dear Hopeful Again,

You are exactly right about the meds Kim is taking & how they work. People do need to become more educated before they start judges others. IMO, we all have our own "additions" some just aren't so pronounced as Kim's but at least she is trying to get her life together unlike these haters here.

Be well & disregard all negative people.


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Straight Talkin Texan:  1179 days ago

Lexapro can also be used to treat depression and fibromyalgia.

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Reebs :  1179 days ago

For those of you who are uneducated and/or ignorant, people with bi-polar disorder can certainly act erratic when in a hypo-manic state or a full manic state. Once medicated they will most definitely have slurred speech and be drowsy. Unfortunately the medication needed to keep a balance in one's head causes side effects, but the alternative is bizarre, strange behavior, hallucinations and almost always hospitalization. I haven't even discussed the depression part of the disease. It is imperative that a person with bi-polar disorder continue their medication and therapy. For those of you that are ignorant and think that you can judge others do yourself a favor be informed and look into yourselves because I'm sure their are plenty of issues that you have and wouldn't want them exploited by strangers. Shame on you!

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peanut:  1179 days ago

I was glad to finally have received an explanation from Kim for her erratic, somewhat looney, confused behavior. She seems to have forgotten, or perhaps is clearly unaware, that she is being filmed (ex. the party at Dana's house...we (the viewers) know something was CLEARLY off with her, and drugs was my first guess...the many trips to the bathroom and being secretive was odd behavior, I somewhat admire Brandi for being the only person to call her out on it). But I am satisfied that she admited to all of these prescriptions she's ingesting. I know nothing about Laxapro and Topamax, but I know 100% of the affects of Trazadone as I was on this for more than 5 years to treat sleeplessness. Wow, pretty shocked to hear that one! I hope she's not taking this in her waking hours because it is a darn powerful med for sure!! I only needed a 1/4 of the pill and it kept me asleep for 8+ hours, blocking the REM stage. ONCE I took a whole pill and couldn't be woken, scared some loved ones. I stopped Trazadone and had terrible withdrawls for weeks. God speed Kim! We all hope you get well!

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BJ:  1179 days ago

I don't know about the meds so im not going to comment on that but if in something i am good is reading people's body language and the fact that she can't clearly say that she is not drinking and when she said it her voice tremble a bit, that makes me think that in some sort of way she is lying! Don't get me wrong Kim is my favourite housewive out of all the franchise (along side with Cristy #rhom,:)...) and as a fan i just want to see her get better!! From somethings that ive reag, i dont know if they are true, i think that i understand why Kim has so much pressure on her shoulders, from being a child actress living the glamorous hollywood life to now have the beverly hills pressure and having to depend on her sister's husband, and also being attached to am important family such as the Hiltons, it s has to be hard from her part!!!
As i repeat as a fan i just want the best for her!! It can go both way quitting the show can be better for her but also staying on the show can be good aswell, by staying on the show she at least has her proper income!!
Love from the Dominican Republic

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