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"90210" Star's Sexy Burlesque Music Video

Jessica Lowndes is the latest starlet entering the actress-turned-singer game.

The "90210" vixen just released the music video of her first single, "I Wish I Was Gay," where she plays a burlesque dancer doing a sexy striptease.

As for the controversial title, it's explained in the video. Lowndes discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her, and breaks her heart. Her lyrics go: "I wish I was gay/ I wish I could see how to escape those boys/ they always treat me the same/ breaking my heart, leaving me all alone/ girls just don't behave that way."

Check it out below:

Does Jessica have the chops to be a pop star? Tell toofab in the comments below!

Comments (5)

namers:  1176 days ago

That was absolutely terrific! Wow, someone who can actually sing. I'm a fan of the show and that video is lightyears ahead of some other starlet's, who shall remain nameless.

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Candy:  1176 days ago

The girl can sing, pity the song isn't as great as her voice.

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Glam:  1176 days ago

Yah if i watched that wanna redo it..well the song sucks..shes a good singer..maybe add a few more lines so much i wish i was gay very popish easy..idk..darken it up a bit she sang very kaeoke the hole time..shes a good singer jus needs something a lil more original and less gay!

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Jillian :  1174 days ago

This is UNBELIEVABLY offensive! How in the hell can people comment on her voice and if shes a good singer or not?! Are you all blind? As a 25 yr old GAY female, this is offensive to me and gay women (not to mention men too because pigeon-holing and assigning stereotypes is totally ok to do to all people) everywhere. How dare she "use" a lifestyle that she has not part in to make money- its disgusting. It was bad enough when Katy Perry did it but this takes it to a whole new level.

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Jillian :  1173 days ago

Oh and @Glam? "A little more original and less gay!" just shows how ignorant you are

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