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"Dancing With the Stars" -- Find Out Who Went Home!

1031_solo_soloHope Solo just lost all hope of winning "Dancing with the Stars."

The soccer player and sexy (and outspoken) partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated Tuesday night.

Their elimination comes after the duo got the lowest scores on Monday -- leading to Maks speaking out against Carrie Ann Inaba backstage ... and even dropping an f-bomb!

It was only the latest in a series of outbursts for Maks, who also faced off against Len Goodman earlier this season.

With Hope and Maksim out, the three teams going into the finals are: Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke, Ricki Lake and Derek Hough and J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff.

Who do you think will win the Mirrorball Trophy?! Sound off below!

Comments (9)

Christine:  1168 days ago

This show is too predictable! I can predict the scores of the judges also I would like to see NEW JUDGES. These judges when ave to go. It has gotten to the point where they give better scores to the ones they want to stay and are overly critical to the others. Maks was DEAD ON !! These judges need to go. Rob K dose not belong in the final three.

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Becky :  1168 days ago

I predict that Rob & his partner will win it just to show Kim K how bad she is. Oh & Christine Dose is suppose to be does learn to proof read.

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keeping it real:  1168 days ago

I agree with Christine, The Judges do give better scored to the ones they want to win! I am so over this show if Rob K wins! Carrie Ann has been so far up his butt all season. Carrie ann is not a right! Vote for JR!! VOTE JR!

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busygirll:  1168 days ago

I love Rob - he's improved the most and is actually pretty good. Hope was a horrible dancer - sloppy, masculine, not graceful at all. Ugh. Amazing she made it this far. Bye, bye Hope!

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stu:  1168 days ago

Hope did a better tango than stiff big butt Rob!

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mari86:  1168 days ago

I really hope jr wins he is a great dancer and he is actually a star compared to rob k. Rob only is a reality personality that's all he is. if he wins I will NEVER watch the show again.

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lalaland:  1167 days ago

How dare a judge be judgmental of a performance!
This Maksim person needs to get a ladder and get down from his high horse. How many opportunities are there like this for a dancer? Exposure to millions of (potential) fans, steady work, fat paycheck. If it wasn't for this show no one would have a clue who he is and we wouldn't be reading this or any other article about him. He's an ingrate and someone more appreciative should get his job.

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J D :  1167 days ago

Hope & Maks did a much better job than Rob & Cheryl did and I think that Hope and Maks got screwed all the way threw the compention!

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