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Kim Zolciak In Her Used, $58,000 Wedding Dress -- First Photo!

Kim Zolciak spent a staggering $58,000 on her wedding dress -- and now we're getting our first shot of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star wearing it!

The reality star posted the first pic from her wedding day with new hubby Kroy Biermann on her Twitter, with the message "Our wedding photo!!!!! The best day of my life!!!!"

The gown was actually from a website called, where people can buy used dresses.

Kim's Baracci stunner was covered in Swarovski crystals, pearl beads and platinum coated thread.

What do you think of the gown, keeping in mind she planned the whole wedding in just a month?


Comments (17)

buxxy:  1169 days ago

Has that guy ever seen her without all her 'props'...wig, fake lips, boobs, etc? I give him less than 6 months before he heads for the hills....

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lona:  1169 days ago

ugh, ugly dress, too much foo foo. She now admits she s 33. She looks older than that with all that make up on, I can imagine with it all off how old she looks. I give this marriage 6 months

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sid:  1169 days ago

I hope he got an iron clad prenup.

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meemee2:  1169 days ago

This is the ugliest bridal gown, or gown, I have ever seen. What is all that white fluff supposed to cover? Ruined the dress.

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lalaland:  1169 days ago

OMG, is she really only 33? She looks so much older. I also can't fathom anyone wanting to spend the rest of their life with this horrible person. She's a wh0re, in every sense of the word.

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LaGish:  1169 days ago

"USED". Yeah, in Kim's case, sounds about right.

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jaha:  1169 days ago

This is a vintage creation and someome(s) hard little hands had to do all that bead work. It's a bit over the top but it's a piece of art . She's over the top so what should we expect. Wishing her well on a new life with her and Kroy, finally it would be nice to see one of these self absorbed housewives have a happy ending.

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jess:  1169 days ago

the dress seems like her. gosh people are such haters! you guys dont even know her! its always easy for people to judge though and not as easy for people to give someone a chance to be happy!

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andre`:  1169 days ago

He is cute and she is trash.

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Staceyann Dolenti:  1169 days ago

The dress is a beautiful just a little too poofy.
Staceyann Dolenti

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KCGlow:  1169 days ago

Beautiful dress, beautiful couple. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Congrats to them.

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Pickles:  1168 days ago

Butt-ugly dress!

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Ebony Diamond:  1165 days ago

Are you ppl really that bored that trashing others makes your day?
why not just stick to the story and comment on the dress, not her lips, legs, *****, face tits, ass and everything else but the ******* dress. i mean ****! Thats like the cops coming in your home and going thru your ****, when their suppose to be there for statments. all this ******* hate, no wonder kids these days dont grow up right.

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Mixed Chick:  1164 days ago

She looks like his mother, I cannot understand why anyone would watch these women or give them any attention they are pathetic, spending thousands on silly parties for their kids and wondering why their kids are brats and speak to them as if they are trash, I am sure his family is thrilled...

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JUstin:  1163 days ago

who looks at that and goes " that's the mother of my children " ? BOY , that guy must have being on drugs...

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