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Miley Cyrus Blasts Critics Over "Fat" Comments

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Miley Cyrus
is outraged by recent comments about her weight, and she's blasting her critics on Twitter.

Several media outlets have claimed Cyrus has packed on a few extra pounds. Recent photos do show the former Disney star with a slightly rounder face (the photo to the right is from two weeks ago), but certainly nothing excessive.

"By calling girls like me fat this is what you're doing to other people. I love MYSELF," the 18-year-old tweeted to her 3.5 million followers. The comment was posted with a picture of an emaciated woman (warning, graphic image).

Friend and fellow Disney star Demi Lovato was right there to defend Miley, “I love you, whoever called you that has it coming.” Lovato recently got out of rehab, which she entered due to, in part, body image issues.

Cyrus wasn’t backing down. She tweeted again, "I LOVE being shaped like a WOMAN & trust me ladies your man won't mind either."

What do you think of the critics' claims? Tell toofab in the comments below!

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Comments (16)

Anita:  1171 days ago

Wow! whoever call her fat must has a HUGE personal issue. Really, if Miley is fat then all 99.9% of all womens are obese! She looks terrific! Miley, don't change. You are a beautiful girl.

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Amyelisabeth430:  1171 days ago

When I saw this on twitter I was amazed. Miley Cyrus is NO WHERE near fat. Neither is Demi Lovato. They are both beautiful young talented girls that just want to love what they do and enjoy their lives. Calling Miley, and even Demi fat just shows girls their age (like me) and younger that you are supposed to be pencil thin. If they are what the media is calling FAT, then what isn't fat? Skin and bones? That's just not healthy. I think these girls should be left alone, and Miley did the right thing by standing up for herself. Miley and Demi are role models to all young girls, and even me.. Girls their own age.

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Anthony M:  1171 days ago

They are both pretty hot, I would take fat chicks like them any day of the week..

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Tiffany:  1171 days ago

She is bigger, but she is far from fat, I love to be as small as she is. Miley Cyrus is beautiful a few extra pounds on her is fine, and a few more would be fine too. She was beautiful before, and she is just good now.

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Lynn:  1171 days ago

I am not a big Miley Cyrus fan but I'm 100% with her on this! Anyone who would call her fat needs to work on their own body image problems. Face it Miley fans and Miley haters she is growing up and becoming a young woman and not the little girl "Hannah Montana" anymore. I have a young daughter and know how girls that age can struggle with body image issues of all kinds. Miley is a beautiful girl and I'm glad to see her stand up for hersel****ainst the critics.

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pandoraspocks:  1171 days ago

Good for you Miley !! Your 100 % right.

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Texas-Writer:  1171 days ago

The sad part is that this isn't about the weight or health of these ladies, it is about some pathetic writer trying to come up with something so they can meet a deadline ... even if they just make it all up. Sadly the "job" of most writers isn't to tell the truth ... it is to sell stories by using outrageous claims combined with big names.

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Trisha :  1171 days ago

I wish I was as fat as Miley!!!!!!! Don't worry what people think of you!

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Truth:  1171 days ago


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SantaFeJack:  1171 days ago

Miley is not a very attractive woman, but she is also not fat by any measure. Some writers will print anything to get a rise out of the public.

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nORRis8:  1171 days ago

Miley should be more concerned of other things than comments of her being fat.

Her main concern should be that its 16 past the hour on her 15 minute fame clock.
That she sounds like a hillbilly when she talks. {"Huuuuuuuh?"}
Plus she can't sing a note without comparisons to a badger who has his nuts caught in a bear trap.

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Jay :  1171 days ago

Just a little alcohol bloat.

No biggie

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meena:  1171 days ago

She just has a giant head. Her body isn't.

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Lisa:  1171 days ago

Maybe she's had the munchies!

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AnnaBoo=p:  1170 days ago

who cares miley cyrus is ******* ugly skinny or fat. and yea jessica is looking nasty ass hell, she is more prettier skinny. Demi looks hawt, i love da way she looks now :)

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