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Keibler Meets Clooney's Parents at "The Descendants" Premiere

George Clooney must be pretty serious about Stacy Keibler -- because she's met the parents!

The couple attended the L.A. premiere of George's new flick, "The Descendants," last night -- where they were photographed with mama and papa Clooney, Nina and Nick.

Stacy looked stunning in a gown with one seriously plunging neckline. It's no wonder George showed her some extra PDA on the red carpet!


In the film, the 50-year-old stars as a father struggling to deal with the impending death of his wife -- while really getting to know his children for the first time. Be sure to catch it in theaters on December 9.

And for more of George, Stacy and the Clooney parents, check out all the premiere pics above!

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Tinalouise:  1169 days ago

I am honestly starting to believe that all of these women are just eye candy and a distraction from the realization that George is a closet gay..Idk if he is but he trades women in like they are cars and that lack of emotion and ability to do so is beginning to make me believe the rumors about him.

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Jackie:  1169 days ago

Wow!!...No's like look at my flat chest. Hollywood is full of hores.

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Susie:  1169 days ago

She looks absolutely gorgeous and he does seem more attentive then I have seen him with other women.
I agree with you TinaL that his women are eyecandy to cover up being gay or bisexual? Maybe even Asexual, but there is something wrong even if he is just so self centered he can only stand himself all the time and a new woman for like 2 years and then dump her at the curb with a substantial pay off.
If you notice they are NOT someone already F A M O U S, but perhaps known a bit in some smaller circles, so they are easier bought off, and sign agreements to keep shut up on his personal life. He has never dated a A lister that I recall and if he did it sure was not for long, and as always with his lack of emotion and stand offi*****titude towards them. In all pictures he has a huge sense of distance from whoever he is with and its just all very strange.
Guess we will know someday when someone decides to write a book anyone and take the chance of getting sued by him eh?

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Blueeyes:  1169 days ago

There at fault to ... That he goes from women to women a they all sleep with him...

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