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PETA Attacks Kim Kardashian with New Billboard


Kim Kardashian will be stopping traffic with a giant billboard again in Hollywood -- but this time, she's probably not going to like it.

PETA is planning to post a billboard next month in L.A. of the newly single Kardashian wearing fur next to a photo of baby foxes -- with a message reading "Kim: These Babies Miss Their Mother. Is She on Your Back?"

"Kim knows that animals on fur farms are beaten, electrocuted, and often skinned alive," says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. "We've explained it to her, and she's watched a video exposé that was filmed inside fur farms."

But apparently the message wasn't strong enough.

PETA is hoping Kim will "Divorce herself from fur and say "I do" to a more compassionate wardrobe," like her sister Khloe -- who has posed for PETA's 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

See more celeb PETA ads below:


Comments (54)

mddiva35:  1172 days ago

PETA are bullies. I don't like Kim K any more than I like bullies. Let people live their lives. If we want to wear fur so be it. How do you know it's not FAUX?

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bucsgirl45:  1172 days ago

how old is that photo of kim, what 4 or 5 years old?

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JUstin:  1172 days ago

Yeah , That Photo looks quite old . PETA should be called OUT for that ..

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.:  1172 days ago

I'm a supporter for PETA.....

But, how is it known not to be "Faux" Fur ??

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sPaNkdEnALgAs:  1172 days ago

Yep, that picture is pretty old. Kim's face no longer looks like that......

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sammy:  1172 days ago

Bitch is botoxed to death now days

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Areader:  1171 days ago

I support PETA, that said are they certain that Kim's putting her name to real fur products?

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SantaFeJack:  1171 days ago

PETA sucks and so does Kim Kardashian.

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Amber:  1171 days ago

Why doesn't PETA donate the money they're going to spend on this billboard & post one showing how many unborn babies are slaughtered every day due to abortion? Oh wait, poor defensless animals are more of a priority than unborn children that are murdered senselessly every day. I'm sure they're looking for publicity with a public apology & a huge donation from Kim, which I'm sure they'll get. There are so many real problems that people are faced with every day-poverty, hunger, abuse, yet these people spend all their time trying to save the dolphins instead...seriously annoying!

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lalaland:  1171 days ago

hmmm...which do I hate more: Kardashian or Peta. That's a tough call. I believe the things Peta does, I just don't care for their methods. So, I guess it's Kardashian I hate the most.

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TheMarshmallowMan:  1171 days ago

Please sign the petition to end these shameless people.

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Raymond:  1171 days ago

Doesn't Peta have to pay to use someone's likeness on a billboard? I'm fine with Petas overall message of not torturing animals, but their tactics are very questionable. Their biggest ads are having people pose nude exploiting people just to get publicity. Then they ruin existing fur by throwing blood or fake blood on people wearing fur which they should get arrested for and are too dumb to realize that that just means those people will then buy new fur and if they are smart make the social terrorist animal right groups pay for it.

You can get a message across without all of these questionable tactics. Most of the time you hear about them they are doing something illegal

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he's a creep:  1171 days ago

I'd sue big time and hope she does. I love animals and have some of my own and can't imagine hurting any of them...but I'm not a bully and would never use someone in this way. This is really nasty and immature and turns me OFF OF PETA.

really pathetic advert and a "low life" kind of move by Peta...they just lost my support

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Lyssa:  1171 days ago

Kim will wear or do anything to keep her name in the media. That whole family needs to go away.. Kim your PATHTIC..

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Raymond:  1171 days ago

I find it funny how much Peta tries to benefit from the Kardashians of all people. They hired Khloe to represent the organization in anti fur even though she's worn fur, eats meat, and has leather bags. Now they are trying to profit from her more famous sister? Most of the people Peta even hires don't live a leather/fur free life

Peta is such a joke

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