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Whoa! Kendra Wilkinson Flaunts Crazy Cleavage


Kendra Wilkinson stepped out to promote a weight-loss supplement last night -- and her outfit definitely had all eyes focused on her body.

The reality TV star showed off some crazy cleavage in a blue, curve-hugging dress at an Ab Cuts event at GNC in Culver City on Thursday.

Kendra says she used the supplement to get back into shape after giving birth to little Hank, telling Life & Style "I’d seen all these diet products before, but I didn’t want to poop all day with those weird cleanses, Ab Cuts is like a magic potion."

Of course, she's being paid to push the product ... so take her words with a grain of salt.

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Ebony Diamond:  1169 days ago

i wander how she sleep at night knowing her only talent is selling herself
for money and fame.

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