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J.Lo Dances with Shirtless New BF on Stage!

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez on stage
Jennifer Lopez put her rumored new BF front and center at the American Music Awards last night -- by having him dance with her, shirtless, on stage!

J.Lo's backup dancer/rumored man Casper Smart was there as Jenny performed her hit "On the Floor" during last night's show -- where they both showed off their impressive bods in some revealing outfits.

After the show, the two reportedly attended J.Lo's after-party, and while they didn't pose for photos together on the red carpet, they were all over each other inside.

According to Us Weekly, Lopez "grinded in Smart's lap" and was seen "giving him a kiss and rubbing his head" during the party -- adding that the two left together, "hand in hand."

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DaChopssss:  1167 days ago

Isn't the flesh colored suit a little MTV Music Awards 2000, a la Britney Spears? Yes, she looked great, but Jennifer Lopez is quickly becoming an annoying daily news feed as far as I'm concerned. She's in how many commercials? And I thought the Fiat on stage was absolutely tacky and took away from the performance...but guess she's got to make the millions where she can, even if that includes ridiculous product placement. Quite honestly, the performance was OK (the only reason its a hot topic is because of her costume choices and raunchy performance) and she certainly can't sing.

I don't understand how people just get married, pop out kids, separate/divorce and move on to the next person before the ink dries. She's on her third divorce. Maybe it's time for her to have some therapy and get to the root of the reason why she feels the need to be in a relationship at all times.

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blibrarose:  1167 days ago

AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TheMarshmallowMan:  1167 days ago

PUKE, she seriosuly has NO talent. She was obviously lip syncing most of the song and the outfit was desperate. I mean come on JLo you are not that old but you need to start acting your age.

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eva:  1162 days ago

JLo.. wow .. he's way too young!!!

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CMJ:  1161 days ago

Can't she ever get a boyfriend/husband that looks like a man instead of pretty or enfeminate boys?

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myklstarr:  1160 days ago

Sounds like a bunch of haters to me!!

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DP:  1160 days ago

Is Casper Smart smart or should we call him Casper Stupid.

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