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Michael Vick's Thanksgiving Plans Revealed

1123_vick_singleMichael Vick may be missing practice with the Philadelphia Eagles today due to his broken ribs -- but tomorrow, he'll definitely be exercising his stomach muscles.

toofab has learned the recovering Pro Bowl quarterback will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday with his fiancee Kijafa and his two daughters in Philly.

While the fam will be feasting on turkey, roasted chicken and collard greens, it's up to the football star to make the dessert. We hear his specialties are sweet potato pie and chocolate cake.

Anyone with some good dessert recipes, hit up Vick's Facebook page -- he's taking suggestions!

No word yet on if Vick will play when the Eagles take on the New England Patriots this Sunday, but we're told he'll definitely following all the NFL action tomorrow ... when he's not stuffing his face at least.

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Jim:  1164 days ago

Who cares what this animal ABUSER is doing. Go away Vick. No matter how it adds up, no matter which idiot team hires you, YOU ARE STILL an ANIMAL ABUSING LOSER.

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Dee:  1164 days ago

Get over it, he paid his debt, and got his life back on track....Child molesters and baby killers do not get as much hate! I am proud he is a better man.Are you without fault? I am not.

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Blah:  1164 days ago

Hey Michael --

While you're enjoying your turkey, what are your dogs going to be eating? Ohhhhh that's right -- you beat them to death. Such an amazing man you are.

Enjoy your turkey you dog murderer!!!

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Smart:  1163 days ago

disgusting. shame on you for glamourizing this piece of crap excuse for a human. shame on you.

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damian:  1163 days ago

people let it go there's a lot worst people out there, its ok for a person to touch little kids and what happens wen they get out?? people for get about it like it never happen what about home invasions. people don't care if something happens to the family's or if the people get caught correct??????? he served his time and pay his fines everybody is just mad because he can make millions again...GO EAGLES and GO VICK!!!

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Logs:  1163 days ago

Who are you guys to judge? Michael Vick has made some mistakes in his life and did he not do jail time for his actions? Mike is a different person now, I think it would be hard being raised in the projects around crime your whole life, and then all of a sudden you are making millions of dollors basically when he was still a kid. If this incident never had happened to Michael maybe he would still be dog fighting and still keeping that a secret.

He needed a reality check , and he sure got one. For all you Michael Vick haters , focus your hatred towards problems that really matter, pedifiles that are abducting your children and raping them. Those are problems you cant fix

Michael Vick has changed his life around so for all of you losers that take time out of your life to diss a successful NFL football player, get a life?

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TJ:  1163 days ago

Yall Vick haters are nothing but undercover racist....Anytime you rally behind a white head coach who not only knew that one of his assistant coaches was molesting kids but continued to work with him afterward... Yall still loved this man like he is GOD himself...Something is really wrong with this picture....Michael Vick turned his life around..admitted that what he did was wrong...And doing everything in his power to wright his wrong...But that's not good enough for you..Because deep down inside, yall raciest don't really care what happened to those dogs...What yall really hate is seeing another rich black
man doing something you could only wish yall can do!!!

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Rhonda:  1163 days ago

I am so glad that God is not like man. Are we really mad about the dogs or do we just want to hate someone because we have issues ourselves. We have forgiven murderers of men but, we can't forgive this man. If you want to hate something, hate the fact that Jesus died on the cross for us to save us from our sins but, we can't forgive this man. I pray that we all strat to look at ourselves before we start judging others!!! God Bless!!!!

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Rhonda:  1163 days ago

I wonder if Mike Vick actually reads these comments and if he does I hope he knows that the only one who can judge him is God. But, i'm sure he knows that :)

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DaBears:  1163 days ago

Only God can judge and your are in sin if you don't forgive and believe that we are all God's children and we are all forgiven for our sins and learn from it.

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DaBears:  1163 days ago

Michael Vick has committed a crime that is unfathomable, but he did pay the price and was punished for it. He knows what he did was unhumane and now he is advocating against the cruelty of animals. No one is perfect and we make mistakes because life is a lesson and we learn from it. We will keep makings mistakes throughout our lives. If YOU don't think you have or will do something that you wished you can take back, you live in a perfect world that no one else knows about. I don't know what everyone's religion is, but my God taught me forgiveness. I know this incident has opened his eyes and made him realize it was wrong and inhumane, but he has learned from it. It is easier to continue to crucify him because he is an athlete. Unfortunately, they will hang on to this in order to minimized the mistakes they have done. What more do you think he can do? What other punishment do you think he should undergo in addition to what he has served? Whatever you decide, you need to think if you ever did something on the same scale or even larger, would you have the same standards for yourself or would you let yourself go after a day? Let him be. If you are not a fan, then he doesn't need your support. Just keep wasting time trying to combine people that you are God and can judge. He has a family that he would like to spend the holidays with and move forward in a positive way. You have your family to be thankful for so that is what you need to be focused in and learn forgiveness. Happy Thanksgiving to Mike and his family an to all the supporters out there that can see when people have changed and doing everything to make sure no one else makes the same
mistakes. May God bless you all during this holiday.

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Missy:  1163 days ago

Thanks TJ for revealing the haters and racists who can't stand a Black Man to be redeemed, pay his dues, and be forgiven. Actors, Priests, Celebrities, Leaders, and even other Sports Personalities have done worse. Some never caught and it is disgusting they even sleep or have sex with their own dogs which is a Crime Against Nature and Disgusting!!!!! How far do you go to love your animals....????? Mike Vick is coming back up and the boo crowd does not upset him as the people who serve God know he repent and doing better. He filed bankruptcy and that is what the "other" rich folks due when IRS after them or put it in royalties with their children or grandchildren name.....Let him live, be a prosperous black man, enjoy his holidays and Leave Mike Vick Alone!!!! Haters are Our Moitvators!!!!! Keep Encouraged Mike Vick we love you!!

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Emmett North Jr:  1162 days ago

Go ahead Mike V. enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family,some people just live to hate,life is tooooooooooo short for this ****,Mike v. get on with your life and f--k them or should i say pray for the haters,Right! I say F--k them all,Emmett North Jr

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