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Miley Cyrus' Provocative New NOH8 Photo Shoot

1128_mileyno8_singleMiley Cyrus is no stranger to provocative photo shoots.

When she was just 15, the popstar was photographed topless (though covered) by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.

Now 19, she's been tackling more controversial topics. On Monday, Miley duct-taped her mouth for a shoot for the NOH8 campaign. NOH8 is a project started by photographer Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley to protest California Proposition 8, which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Adam shot Miley posing in a sheer shirt with the NOH8 logo and her trademark peace signs. While the final image has not been released, he posted behind-the-scenes photos on his Facebook page.

"Thank you @MileyCyrus for taking a stand & supporting the @NOH8Campaign!," Bouska tweeted following the shoot.

Miley even took some time to pose with Adam and Jeff.


Other stars who have posed for the NOH8 campaign include singers LeAnn Rimes and Sara Bareilles, political activist Cindy McCain, the Kardashians, "Lost" star Michael Emerson and many more.

The photo shoot comes days after comments the popstar made about "smoking weed" hit the Internet. Her rep says Miley was being a "smart-ass" and is not  a "pot head."

Check out more of Miley's most controversial moments below!

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Comments (6)

en Todo Momento!!:  1159 days ago

uh, the chick is already over eighteen. shouldn't she be signing her own contracts by now? wth? time to let go of mommy and daddy, woman.

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hop on top:  1159 days ago

She should have duct tape over her mouth permanently.

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Trish:  1159 days ago

so not provocative..

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Gee:  1159 days ago

haha you are a joke TooFab! I'm 17 and see girls my age or less going around wearing hotpants and crop tops! I myself wear sheer shirts with a bra underneath. Its trendy and clearly you haven't seen what teenagers wear now a days if you are judging Miley for what she is wearing. I personally don't even like Miley but you're taking it too far now. Slow news day I'm presuming?

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Truth:  1159 days ago

TMZ is retarded! Should check out Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi-Kris (18) who dresses more provocative than Miley in every day wear. Truth!!

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Tom:  1158 days ago

"her trademark piece signs" ... piece of what??? ... try: peace signs

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