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Watch Lady Gaga's Bizarre 14 Minute "Marry the Night" Video!

Attention Little Monsters!

Lady Gaga's newest music video, "Marry the Night," just premiered, and we have the full 14 minute (!) clip here.

The video leaked earlier today, much to the artist's dismay.

" video is now leaking like an old tampon," she tweeted (grossly) during the afternoon.

"You know its bad when Haus of Gaga is downloading ILLEGAL video torrents on their cellphones. #thanksguys," she added minutes later.

The 14 minute epic features LG dancing topless by covering herself with Cheerios, splashing in a bathtub, dancing in fire and being carted around on a gurney.

What do you think -- too much ... or just Gaga being Gaga?


Comments (8)

kjszeliga:  1155 days ago

so where is it?

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sammy:  1155 days ago

nice video!

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david:  1155 days ago

bull****...i didnt get to see any titties...what a us some titties....i was under the impression....ah forget it

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Randy:  1155 days ago

I liked it, maybe because I watched the Thanksgiving special she did because I wouldn't have watched this if I hadn't. She gained a new fan. What I seen out of her was allot of talent and she seemed to be a sweetheart. She definitely don't have anything to be ashamed of, I think she ought to get crazy and do a layout in Playboy and Playboy ought to let her have some say cause what I seen the other night was pretty hot.

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littleladyx3:  1155 days ago

... loved it !

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Kàt:  1155 days ago

Too much Gaga? No way. Gaga being Gaga. Who would want anything else? Well....maybe some Gummy Bears...

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Your Momma:  1154 days ago

Is there anyone in the world that has not seen this lady's breast, butt and ****? Can she cover herself up? Why is it that all of the female singers want to show their bodies to everyone, takes away from their talent.

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anon:  1153 days ago

I am so seriously sick and tired of this bitch. She has no morals, no class, no tact, and needs to be banned from tv period. Kids watch this ****, and you wonder why they are ****** up.

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