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Khloe Kardashian Slams "Haters" After No Makeup Photo

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Khloe Kardashian stepped out yesterday without any makeup on -- and she doesn't care what you think about her "flawed" face.

"Some people are so stressed trying to be perfectly flawless.... but I'm so HAPPY to be perfectly flawed," she tweeted last night, after some fresh-faced photos of her arriving to the gym started landing online.

"Haters are like crickets; they make a lot of noise you can hear but you never see them, then you walk right by them and they're quiet," the 27-year-old added.

Khloe is the second star this week to be spotted without a stitch of makeup on, following in Jessica Biel's footsteps.

Check out more stars without makeup above!

Comments (76)

Your Momma:  1151 days ago

Gosh, she looks exactly like I expected her to look. Makeup is to enhance beauty not totally create it. I am sure Khloe has had to grow some very thick skin being the ugliest one out of the entire Kardashian group and that is why she says she does not care and compare people that thinks she is ugly crickets. I don't have a problem what so ever telling you to your face Khloe that you are an ugly girl and you are obnoxious which most ugly girls are. Your husband should not mind you being ugly because he is ugly too and that is why you two make such a good match. Keep fighting the haters, unfortunately it won't make you any prettier. Sorry.

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sammy:  1151 days ago

Khole it's not your face thats ugly, it's your personality that's pure trash .

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Chris:  1151 days ago

The whole family piles the makeup on with a trowel Kim looks shockingly different with no makeup, but her T&A take peoples attention away from that. Bigfoot here has nothing for anyone else to look at but that mug of her's, and who is she to talk about haters. She spews enough crap that she could be mistaken for a backed up toilet.

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Meems:  1151 days ago

And the three of you are beauty queen supermodels? Grow up, she's beautiful with or without the make up. You all have ugly hearts and nothing can help you.

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Chris:  1151 days ago

She also looks much much older then 27. Yikes. funny thing is she looks more like Rosie O'Donnell then she looks like anyone in her own family. Guess that affair her mother had was a few years before her husband found out

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sPaNkdEnALgAs:  1151 days ago

I actually like Khloe. I think she is the most real of the bunch, she just says it like it is & she accepts herself as she is. I love that about her......yet & still want to see them gone from tv.....especially Kim. You ruined it for all of them Kim.

From: a FORMER kardashian fan

keep it real Khloe

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Michelle C.:  1151 days ago

Two thumbs up to you Khole!!!!! I am so glad that you put a statement out for all the "HEATERS" to read!!! What I want to know is why is this an issue, that Khole was out with out make-up, "so what!!!" A lot of you females need to try sometimes to do with out the make-up, because it's still not doing some of you any justice at all!!!! There is nothing wrong with being natural at times. Give your pours a break to let the pours unclog a little... I try to be as natural as possible, The only time I wear make-up is if I am attending a formal function and I know even with out make-up on I am more beautiful than a lot of you famales that had something negative to say about Khole!!!! We all have flaws but you guys just cover it up with make-up.... There are more important issues going on in our society for us to talk about than Khole being in public with out make-up on!!!! Khole is right, you all are just "HEATERS" for real!!!!

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JLS:  1151 days ago

We don't hate this family and it's members because of the way they look. They are all disgusting on the inside.

This one has a foul mouth and is just plain abusive and nasty. Lamar is so far above all of them!

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irin:  1151 days ago

She is not ugly, she is simply unattractive. However, it is not her fault being unatractive, but being very nasty is, all of them are.

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sturge03:  1151 days ago

So much hate and judgement, my goodness. Well, here's some more for all of you....spelling and grammar are important things and perhaps some of you should learn more about them. You can't even spell when you have the word right in front of you. Her name is Khloe, that's K-H-L-O-E, not Khole. And as much as some of you judge, you can't say that you would not wear similar things on your body/face if you had the means that they do. If you don't like the Kardashian family, why are you reading articles about them????? Perhaps you should look into getting a glass that is half-full, as opposed to half-empty.

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Michelle C.:  1151 days ago

@ sPaNKdEnALgAs I agree with you 100% she is the realest one of them all!!! I am not into the Kardashian's but I have seen the reality show with Khole & her husband a few times and I just like how real she seems to be, she tells it like she see it!!!!! For all you "HATERS" out there keep on "HATING" because Khole got it going on and you guys don't!!!!

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LaGish:  1151 days ago


People like you create "haters".

The faces of you and your family members are everywhere and not one of you offers anything positive to society.

You and the rest of your low-life, low-moraled highly irritating family are ugly, all right. INSIDE, where it really matters.

Grifters, Gypsies and Whores. Good title for your "show".

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JUstin:  1151 days ago

I let my Haters be my Motivators !! You Go , GUUrrl !!! lol

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Glenda :  1151 days ago

What's wrong with everyone ? So what if she doesn't wear makeup ! It's a pain in the ass to always wear it. Makeup doesn't make who you are. So even though I am not thrilled with the Kardashians, she is free to do as she wants with her own body.
Get over it people !

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Tasos:  1151 days ago

Khloe is right and she also is the only among the four Kartarshians who is worth her salt.
Furthermore, she and Lamar's marriage is the real deal.

Her fame whoring mother cheated on her bio dad, the original Kardashian among them, so, he and cheating hag eventually divorced, and then she later married Bruce Jenner and rode his coattails when he was a high rider. Then, she recently wanted to change her name back to Kardashian to associate herself to her successful daughters...lowly and classless to even consider as she even considered it, offensive as hell to Bruce
Jenner and a commentary about her values and her regard for marriage; an insult to the good name and memory of the deceased senior Robert Kardashian, the Kardashian children and the family Kardashian. Give sorely due credit to Khloe for setting her whacked out old lady straight the way she did, and respect Khloe for her self-restraint for not knocking the snot out of her self-centered, greedy, fame and money grubbing momma harpy.

Kimbo the bimbo is little different from mommy dearest, and she should have listened to Khloe, too, who knew and said that the marriage would be a sham. Khloe saw Kim in love with herself in love, and in love with the idea of a wedding spectacle. Humphries was secondary, a warm body. Khloe knew it and spoke up. Humphries probably could use film of her telling it straight up to testify in support of his annulment pursuit.

Too late for her whiny, manipulating stupid control freak sister, Kourtney, who got pregnant AGAIN by a husband who requires more a mother than a mate. After she gives birth in about seven months, she'll have two under foot and another under thumb.

If Khloe gets down about how the media and haters deal her raw and wrong, or how Kim's ego, greed and stupidity could possibly take the Kardahian family down, she still has real cause to be grateful for Lamar and her marriage, and glad that she isn't Kim, Kourtney, Robert, her mommy or Bruce.

Keep it real and keep on keeping on, Khloe.

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