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Angelina Steps Out With Brad and His Parents

It was a family outing for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the premiere of her new film, "In the Land of Blood and Honey."

The couple were joined by Brad's parents, Bill and Jane Pitt, to celebrate her directorial debut.

Angelina unsurprisingly wore black, while her 47-year-old beau looked super sharp in his Tom Ford suit. For someone nearing 50, we have to say Brad still looks really, really good. Thankfully he's not sporting that scraggy beard he had all last year.

Check out all the photos, and see the couple that gave birth to the hotness that is Brad Pitt, below:


While Bill and Jane may not technically be Angelina's in-laws (yet), the family seems to get along!

Comments (7)

Feel Sorry For Her:  1147 days ago

He is not good looking any more. He looks old.

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LA:  1147 days ago

The funny thing is..Jenifer Aniston looks younger the Angelina Jolie! Jen looks 36 and Angie looks 46. Ouch Angie!!

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JLS:  1147 days ago

Brad hasn't looked good in years but it's not due to his age.

He let's himself go big time.

Jennifer Aniston does look younger than Angie. Jennifer looks GREAT.

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b.mclane:  1147 days ago


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lady:  1116 days ago

These two are all washed up........No one gives a care anymore. Not good people at all. Nice to have the money to pretend you help other countries and can write it off. So fake. She is very unstable and never was one of the pretty ones in hollywood. Very surprised she is still with brad as she has taken so many men from other women in the past. Could still be and just has not got caught!! She is not ageing well at well.

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virgosiempre:  1116 days ago

I have a New Years Resolution for all haters of Jolie-Pitt...LEAVE THEM ALONE. They have adopted children, natural children, a loving relationship and have been together longer than Pitt and Anniston were married. I get nauseated reading all the trash and comparisons to Jolie and Anniston. Have I missed something......are these people first ever to get a divorce? It is childish and mean spirited. It takes two to make a relationship fail......and who cares after all these years. Just grow up.

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Sailboat:  1113 days ago

Brad looks old because being with the Ice Queen had worn him down. Her meaness shows through the older she gets.

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