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"Virgin Diaries" Stars Virgins No More -- Read Their Reactions

On last night's premiere of TLC's "Virgin Diaries," Ryan and Shanna tied the knot, shared an awkward kiss, and finally consummated their marriage.

So ... was their first time wedded bliss or a wedded miss?

“It wasn’t really like the movies,” Shanna said. "They make it seem really simple.”

A grinning Ryan agreed with an uncomfortable laugh and adding, "It was good, but not as good as I was expecting."

Perhaps the newlyweds were expecting too much. They meticulously planned out their big moment, which, of course, was caught on film. For a couple who waited to have sex, they have no shame talking about the dirty deed. “We’ll have our robes on. We’ll slowly take our robes off. Then do foreplay, and then have sex,” stated Shanna (relive their lengthy explanation below):

Catch up with all the virgins every Sunday at 9/8 on TLC. Is the show a case for, or against, celibacy? Tell toofab in the comments below!  

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ohyesidid:  1152 days ago

While I commend the motivation behind being virgins, I couldn't stomach the first kiss or the kissing throughout the reception. Aaagh. That was more than awkward. Talk about sloppy and just....gross. Like trying to suck the life out of someone. Ick.

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Jessrenee:  1152 days ago

Omg. Can someone tell the Alien lady to stop sucking the life out of puny human it's a little uncomfortable seeing.awkward.

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Jerri:  1152 days ago

A grinning Ryan agreed with an uncomfortable laugh and adding, "It was good, but not as good as I was expecting."

Um I bet it wasnt as good as u were expecting , um how long did it last 2 seconds. lol. I just know if u want a marriage to last u have to be sexually satisfied with your partner. So waiting to b a virgin to me is not a good thing. sex is like buying a new car u always test drive the car before u buy it so u should test drive your partner before u marry them. Just saying lol

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She's baaaack:  1152 days ago

That kiss was right up there with that stomach turner that David Gest laid on Liza Minelli at their wedding. Don't these people practice kissing each other's hands or something? I mean that gross mouth thing looked like he was trying to suck out her tonsils. All I could think about was I would have paid to watch the comedy their wedding night must have been.

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Morena:  1152 days ago


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abby:  1151 days ago

To the "test drive" poster above: yes, practice makes better, but you miss the point. We were virgins too (though we didn't advertise that) and the idea was, 1. get married, then 2. figure out how to have sex. We had sex 14 times in our first three days, including four times on the wedding night, and you know what? Soon it started to get better.

Nobody is a great lover the first time, but not everybody is expecting great sex the first time. What people who marry as virgins DO expect is that they will figure it out with this new partner and enjoy the learning process.

To people like us, the pathetic thing isn't that the guy can't last forever at first. It's the people who leave a wedding to do something they've been doing all along, with nothing new to discover. That sounds so sad.

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