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Janice Dickinson: "Top Model" Is Rigged!

janice dickinson tyra banks

Janice Dickinson
is known for being outspoken, but she's really going after her former boss Tyra Banks and "America's Next Top Model."

In an interview for posted Monday, the supermodel turned reality TV star says the modeling competition, which she served as a judge from Seasons 1-4, is rigged.

Janice says she quit the show after realizing her vote never counted. Instead, she claims CoverGirl ultimately picks the winner (the winning model signs a $100,000 contract with the cosmetics company and appears in nationwide campaigns).

The video refutes earlier statements Janice made saying she was fired from the show. Back in 2005, she told Radar Magazine, "I got fired. After a few episodes I began getting labeled a bitch, and that got to me. I was just telling the truth and I was saving these girls from going out there and being told that they're too short, too fat, their skin's not good enough. I was to 'America's Next Top Model' what Simon Cowell is to 'American Idol.'"

Janice Dickinson's bold claims come right before the finale of "America's Next Top Model: All Stars." Previews for Wednesday's episode show that one of the three finalists is disqualified after disclosing information to the producers. The disqualification would be a first in the show's 17 seasons -- and to come during the finale will surely raise questions.

The CW, the network that airs "Top Model," has no comment. Sources close to production tell toofab Dickinson's claims are absolutely not true. Calls to Covergirl and 10x10 Productions were not returned.

Do you believe Janice? Tell toofab in the comments below!

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Lori:  1147 days ago

She is just a big media tramp (the nicest way to put it) trying to get some publicity. I am not Tyra's biggest fan but I doubt the show is rigged. Too many models that Tyra liked have left for that to be true.

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tuckercrop:  1147 days ago

Actually when you think about it, when some models and not the others. And you have to admit that the entire show is a shill for Cover Girl.

Will have to take ****inson's side on this one.

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Emily:  1147 days ago

Actually, I'd believe this is true. The winner gets a contact with Covergirl afterall, so they'd want to make the ultimate decision. The fact that many models that Tyra liked have been eliminated only strengthens Janice's point, because that means that even Tyra's opinions don't matter as much as what the people at Covergirl want.

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Nicoleasm:  1147 days ago

I believe in the finale cover girl might be the deciding factor but I bet the judging panel does everything up until then....its also kind of good CG picks b/c I've always thought in the back of my head, wow Tyra is picking the winner and practically forcing the girl on CG, and what if they don't like her look? So it's good to know the company you're working for wants u too

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coco:  1147 days ago

I dont think it matters much either way, a lot of those girls have gone on to do things they would have never gotten the chance to do if not for Tyra's show..Some have even become more visible and famous than the winners. There is a down side to that CG contract...they're not going to be able to do anything else, whether CG actually uses them or not, until that contract is up.

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dragon0788:  1147 days ago

I really dont care her. Hollywood News

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kelly:  1147 days ago

Well of course the ultimate winner is decided by the sponsors. Cover Girl has a certain image, and it's simply a business strategy being involved with ANTM.

Besides...Cover Girl doesn't use many models in their ads anymore...mostly actresses, singers, and celebrities. How many "models" do you see on the cover of a magazine these days?

TV show first and foremost...entertainment. This isn't the model olympics. If anyone involved with ANTM is complaining, they probably need a reality check. (no pun intended)

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Lilly Pad:  1147 days ago

I like the sow because I enjoy the fantastic work of the photographers,....some really creative people out there. The trahsformation from the 1st episode, to the last,....fascinating to watch. While Janice is not known for being 'careful' with her words, she does go for the jugular,....tact is not in her persona. Cover Girl running the show,....of course, when your sponsor says something,you listen,.....fixed? probably,
I like Janice, just wish she washn't so cruel in her delivery, can be honest without being mean. Tyna Banks is one big hot air balloon,....she doesn't do anything that 'doesn't' benefit Tyra.

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