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Report: Kim Richards "Homeless," Dealing With "Serious Issues"

1206_kimrichards_singleIs Kim Richards a housewife without a home?

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is currently is rehab, reportedly getting treated for alcohol abuse and "serious issues," a source tells People. But when Kim leaves rehab, where will she go?

Viewers of the show have watched her fall in love -- and prepare to move in with -- her beau Ken. But according to the source, the relationship has since fizzled and Kim is without a home.

"He's not in the picture. No one really knows what the deal was with them, but Kim doesn't live with Ken," the source says. "She's basically homeless, staying with various friends. She doesn't have a home base. It's not unusual for people to not hear from her for long stretches of time. It's been that way for years."

Kim's erratic behavior, including anxiety attacks and the slurring of words, were explained on the show as a result of medication.

Her fellow housewives have lent their support. Adrienne Maloof told Us Weekly, "I wish her well. It's a step in the right direction."

Taylor Armstrong, who has battled her own demons the last few months, sent this message on "Watch What Happens Live:" "I adore Kim and I stand behind her. And if there's anything I can do to support her [I will]; but if she's getting healthy what more could we ask."

Toofab spoke to Lisa Vanderpump Monday, who didn't address Kim's issues directly, but talked about this the camaraderie among the cast. "We really do all support each other and love each other. Really. I think it shows through even though we have our moments."

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RHofSurprise:  1147 days ago

No, Lisa, it does not show through. The viewers pick up much, much more than you all may think possible with how hard you try to cover the truth. Few who watch were fooled by the medication tale; it was just too darn obvious that Kim was loaded on something and Brandi was right! Not only was Brandi right, she was probably Kim's best friend at that moment...covering up and denying what Kim was going through was careless and sure didn't show love from those who ignored her problem.

I certainly hope Brandi was invited to that holiday party! Kyle owes Brandi a public apology for the way she's treated her so far this season, and for how hard she works to make everyone else in the group hate her. What a disgusting group of women. Really. That's what shows through.

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Hisjules:  1147 days ago


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SWEETHOME:  1098 days ago

I thought she was messed up on something

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