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Check Out Courtney Stodden's Latest Inappropriate Outfit

media_removed_toofab 102011
Courtney Stodden made Christmas shopping at The Grove a little more interesting yesterday -- by stepping out in a very revealing, full-length gown.

While the 17-year-old bride of 51-year-old "Lost" star Doug Hutchison usually goes out in barely-there tops and booty shorts, she instead opted for something she probably thought was a bit more elegant.

Though the dress certainly had more fabric than we're used to seeing her in, it didn't actually cover up all that much.

Someone get these two a reality show already! In a world of "Teen Mom" and "Real Housewives," they'll fit in just perfectly.

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dragon0788:  1152 days ago

Courtney is really hot chick... I love her.

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Ghost Rider:  1152 days ago

What a fun gal, if only...

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Lynn:  1152 days ago

All I can say is GROSS!

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Ryreal Kim:  1152 days ago

Yeah whore dont smile showing your shark teeth!

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fran:  1152 days ago

what a silly girl,.

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ray gun:  1152 days ago

wtf shopping mid-day in an evening gown. and mid-90s Pam Anderson hair. and... white lipgloss?!

Also, shame on her (creepy old) husband for looking like a sack of crap next to his wife who is so, SO desperately trying to look expensive.

Personally I would brain my boyfriend if he went out wearing a beanie and an Amsterdam shirt while I was in an gown. But maybe I'm just old fashioned like that.

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CanadianGal:  1152 days ago

HAHAHA this chick is such a joke... one day she will grow up and ask herself why she wasted her sexy youth being married to some gross old D-list perv who obviously encourages her to dress like a cheap escort to gain them both publicity. Most 17yo girls go through a phase like this (discovering their sexuality and seeking attention from it), but shes unique because her parents married her off to the first pedophile having a mid-life crisis whos eye she caught, and now shes stuck with him until she inevitably files for divorce in ___ years...
Courtney, I am so sorry your parents did you this disservice. Wake up, get a divorce, and go enjoy being young and sexy with young and sexy guys!!! If you really have talent, like you say you do... then your career will follow you wether you stay married to your "manager" or not. And FYI, there are thousands of managers who'd be happy to represent you who would NEVER exploit you so tastelessly!

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