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Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans & Mom Have Blowout In Front of Baby

Jenelle Evans
just can't get anything right, can she? Because last night on the "Teen Mom 2" season premiere, her mistakes landed her in the middle of yet another HUGE blowout with her crazy mom, Barbara.

After finding out Jenelle was secretly hanging out with oft-arrested boyfriend Kieffer Delp again -- something Barb strictly forbade -- she went off, started screaming and kicked her daughter out of the house.

"Get out or I'll call the police! This is it, you're done, you're never here again, goodbye!" Barb shouted, as Jenelle held onto her crying son, Jace, who was there for the entire blowout.

Barbara started throwing all of Jenelle's clothes out the front door, while shouting "I hope you have fun living in the f**king street with your boyfriend ... your scummy ass boyfriend!"

"Shut the f**k up, you're no better than me!" the 19-year-old countered with, but it was Barb who got the last word -- shouting "You're too selfish to take care of your own kid, little bitch!"

And with that, season 3 of the MTV show was back with a vengeance.

Do you think Jenelle will ever clean up her act?


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dragon0788:  1146 days ago

I'm so happy that finally Teen Mom 2 begins..

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bag1987:  1146 days ago

janelle needs to really get her s*** together and put her son first, not Kiefer! Have him get his s*** together, then reconsider getting back with him and working things out. Her son is supposed to be her #1, that's her baby, it should never come last in her life, otherwise you really did need to sign over ur rights...forreal.

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.:  1146 days ago

No wonder the daughter is the way she is....... Look at the volatile behavior & dysfunction of her own mother.

This teenager never had a chance in life with this woman raising her.

What mother calls their child a "Bltch" ?

Cycle to be repeated !!

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timmsa:  1146 days ago

This why the daughter is the way she is. Her mother never gave her the chance to be a mom. I have watched this family since she had the baby.
The mother instantly took over and just criticized her daughter.

The mother is no better than the daughter. And the mother was wrong in this case. It shouldn't be about the "boyfriend". If she wants to see him, then she should be allowed to.

So wrong

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Tinalouise:  1146 days ago

The only one i feel sorry for is her little boy. Is CPS watching this mess and what this little boy is being exposed to? This is a terrible environment for him, he is going to end up just like his mother if someone doesn't intervene. I am sure there are plenty of people who would cherish this little and be able to offer his some peace and stability.

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Adrienne:  1146 days ago

i cant believe people watch this show :/

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Rachel:  1146 days ago

This is exactly what is wrong with society. I honestly believe Jenelle has the issues that she does because of her mother. Clearly from the shows you can see that the love is completely non-existent between the two of them. I get the feeling Jenelle's child hood was far from picture perfect. Her mother is verbally abusive and due to it Jenelle speaks to her in an abuse manner as well. The problem is that the baby is stuck in the middle. Jenelle is not a great mother by any means. Partying, drug use and men are more important than her own child. Her mother though is not mentally stable enough to raise a child. It seems like the only reason she wanted custody of the child is to prove to Jenelle that she can take anything from her. I think that in order for Jenelle to get her life together she needs to get away from Kieffer and she needs to get away from her mother. If it takes not seeing her son for a few months then that's the way it needs to be. Both people in her life are contributing to the negative impact. It's hard to turn your life around and be positive when you have to deal with the abuse of others. The child should be placed with someone else. Someone that is mentally stable and able to care for him. Jenelle should be able to visit her son without a fight because her mother doesn't like Kieffer. A neutral party having the child would alleviate that.

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Ryreal Kim:  1146 days ago

This dumb whore seriously needs a good ol fashioned ass beating!

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Lisa-Centereach:  1146 days ago

Maybe the mother took over because Janelle had a history of drug abuse, before she got pregnant and had been problematic.

Would anyone trust the safety of their grandchild in the hands of this burn out daughter?
I would have obtained a PINS Petition from the court long time ago.

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bigcid:  1103 days ago

Its obvious that the mother is not a very loving person. I think she delights in Janelle failing.She wants to own Jace and make sure Janelle is not a big part of his life. Yes Janelle is messed up and Kiefer is a problem, but Barbara just does not seem to have any love for Janelle. She doesn't really seem like a very nice person. That household is not a very good environment for Jace to grow up in. The mom wanted Jace all along and she delights in making sure Janelle knows how much she's disappointed in her and what a terrible person she thinks she is. It's really sad. My heart goes out to them all.

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WhyMustIKnow?:  1103 days ago

Get Jace the heck out of there!!!!

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