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Vogue Italia Pulls Image of Skinny Supermodel Karlie Kloss -- Learn Why

karlie kloss vogue italiaVogue Italia, the Bible of fashion, has taken the unprecedented step of pulling one of the images from its website.

This black and white image of supermodel Karlie Kloss by photographer Steven Meisel was removed from the site after pro-anorexia websites used it as "thinspiration."

The image features the 19-year-old supermodel wearing a pair of unbuttoned hot pants, her hipbone protruding out. According to the profile on her agency's website, Karlie is 5'11" and measures 32"-23"-34.5". Yes, you read that correctly; she has a 23" waist.

Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia's editor, has been a vocal proponent against pro-anorexia sites, and even launched a petition against pro-ana sites on her blog.

"Vogue Italia, the magazine par excellence that deals with and promotes aesthetics and beauty, has decided to make use of its authority and its readers on the web (over one million of contacts per month), to battle against anorexia and collect signatures with the final goal of shutting such sites down," Franca posted.

Despite her public stance, as editor-in-chief, Franca likely approved this image in the first place.

Lynn S. Grefe, MA, President and CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, is just happy the image is gone. “I think it’s great that [Vogue Italia] pulled it,” she said. “If they recognized that it was a bad image, that it was having a bad effect ... I’m sorry they put it up there in the first place, but good for them for pulling it.”

Karlie has defended her figure in previous interviews, attributing it to her sports and ballet background. Her agency, Next Models, issued this statement to toofab exclusively: "Karlie is a role model and trained hard for this shoot as an athlete and the results show positive women taking control of their bodies and being strong and healthy."

She's currently the "it" girl in modeling, closing a number of shows at Milan and Paris Fashion Week last September, including Dior, Rodarte, Lanvin, Eli Saab and Donna Karan. She was also recently profiled in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which aired last week (click to see more photos of her below).


Did Vogue Italia do the right thing by pulling the image? Tell toofab in the comments below!

Comments (15)

b.mclane:  1150 days ago

I noticed this model at the Victoria Secrets Show. She stood out because she looked so unhealthy. Even the leg edgings pulled away from her body she is so thin. Not a good look at all compaired to the other models like Miranda kerr. She too is thin but her bones do not define her look.

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pandoraspocks:  1149 days ago

Her face is beautiful but she obviously is too thin.

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Superman:  1149 days ago

Ugh! She's way too thin!!!

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Sherms:  1149 days ago

That is absolutely DISGUSTING. I am so sick of models. I'm so sick of those being the people to look up to. So sad and sick.

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CanadianGal:  1149 days ago

She is VERY thin... but to me she still looks healthy, you can see her muscle tone so she obviously takes care of herself. She is a model, it takes tremendous discipline and there is a very fine line between too thin and just right so maybe she skipped breakfast that morning...? I think the photo they pulled was exacerbated by the pose she was holding... her hip out like that looks very unnatural and gross. Treat yourself to a cheeseburger, Karlie and keep up the good work - you're beautiful!

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GOLLY:  1149 days ago

Wow, she is so beautiful. Thin to win.

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Cambridge Raincoats:  1149 days ago

Horrible! She looks ill - it's revolting to see such thinness. If you want to see images of strong, healthy women you need to look back to the 80s - Cyndi Crawford, Sigourney Weaver, Jessica Lange, Tina Turner, Kathleen Turner, Kim Basinger - need I go on?

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ray gun:  1149 days ago

"Karlie is a role model and trained hard for this shoot as an athlete and the results show positive women taking control of their bodies and being strong and healthy."

hahaha I sooo want to see her and Serena Williams compete against each other.

Personally I don't have any gripes with her body - it's her body, her choice! and dayum she can sell clothes - but come on to call her strong, healthy, an athlete? She's a model. Huge difference. Models train to look like this. Athletes who train look entirely different. Come on, Kloss PR. Just own up to what's really going on in this picture and in her career.

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Mike Litoris:  1149 days ago

Anyone else notice the camel toe going on in the VS pic?

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Just_Me:  1149 days ago

Completely disgusting! I cannot believe that ANYONE would find this attractive, let alone photograph it.

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amsjll:  1149 days ago

They arent pro-ana? So how about Vogue starts doing a basic BMI check of every model. Cant be in the mag unless they are considered healthy? A petition?? Take a hard look in the mirror Vogue. I had anorexia. I didnt go to pro-ana websites. I looked at the magazines, at the models, and thought that was what was considered perfection.

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Susan:  1149 days ago

Yes I saw her at the Victorias Secret Show, even her camel toe was skinny! I don't know who finds that attractive.

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samara A.:  1146 days ago

i've had anorexia too. my ideal body was wht i saw in magazines with too skinny models. i totally agree about running a BMI check. it's not amusing , it's damaging.
karlie luks extremely deprived and sickk. Are these the kind of ppl girls shud luk upto??!

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Celeblover:  1145 days ago

I don't like this "thinspiration" idea, but if this is her natural body structure, and her musculature does not imply the weakness created through anorexia, the magazine can't fault her for others' misidentifications.

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cass:  1144 days ago

No one has a natural body structure like this, and this is not at all attractive. Women are MEANT to have soft rounded curves. Mind you I said curves, NOT rolls.

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