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Jwoww: Plastic Surgery Rumors are "Insulting"

's face may be looking a little different in the face these days -- but she's now saying it's "insulting" people think she's had any work done on it!

The "Jersey Shore" star has been fighting off surgery rumors since she kicked off the Italy season with a much thinner-looking face, but today, she put the haters on blast in an interview with Wendy Williams.

"I feel like I should go on a morning show, or your show, and just have a plastic surgeon see if I got anything done, because i want to prove everyone wrong," says the 25-year-old.

"They say I got my cheeks done, they say I got my nose, my chin ... I just lost 15 lbs, it was all in my face and neck. That's what was insulting to me, because what did my nose look like 15lbs ago?" she adds.

What do you think? While she admits to having her bust enhanced, do you think she's also done anything else?

Plus, check out new photos of Jwoww in the January issue of Maxim below!


Comments (10)

Melanie:  1145 days ago

I think she just lost to much weight. Also the cover is done really bad. Maybe they did it on purpose for all this publicity idk. She looks better in person im sure.

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Glam:  1145 days ago

Her face didnt change im like her i can look not fat but like idk thick sexy like her..she lost that weight and i didnt think she got work done..althou i herd before jerseyshore she was bigger and had lipo..and her stomache kinda looks like she has..its real flat where is almost shouldnt be.. idk you check it out..she may have had that but it was before alla this stuff or right before JS.

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Tinalouise:  1145 days ago

What an effing liar! She is so stupid to think we are stupid to believe her. Go to school dummy and learn something other than the size of you fake boobs!!

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Blanca:  1145 days ago

I think she had work done to her teeth, which has changed her face.

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Jacqui:  1145 days ago

I think she's had injectibles. Her lips look different to me.

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gina:  1145 days ago

I think its the makeup on this shoot. she has a thin upper lip and the makeup makes it look thinner. causing her upper lip (like the mustache area) to look really big. I also think it was shot really poorly. I saw all the pics and she looks deformed, but check out the video, its after the photoshoot, and she looks normal. It is obviously the pictures and in my opinion the makeup.

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JUstin:  1145 days ago

Of course , she did something to her face . Maybe next time , she's going to say her boobs are real . At some point , you start to sound ridiculous , JWOW ..

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Roberta:  1144 days ago

No matter what weight you are still ugly and look transexual.

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Areader:  1132 days ago

She avoided the lips question big time!

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snowcat:  1132 days ago

25 yrs old!? I am pretty sure on the first season she was 27yrs old and they always make comments how she is the oldest in the crowd,she has got be almost 30.

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