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The X Factor: The Elimination Shocker!

The Final Four on "The X Factor" have been selected -- and, shockingly, Rachel Crow isn't one of 'em!

The 13-year-old was eliminated on Thursday singing "Nothin' On You" and "Music and Me" last night.

Rachel's elimination was an interesting one though. After she and Marcus Canty, who was also in the Bottom 2, sang their last chance songs, L.A. Reid picked Rachel to go home. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul picked Marcus.

Then things got weird. Nicole Scherzinger said she didn't want to be the deciding vote, so picked Rachel to send the vote into a deadlock.

This meant the person with the lowest votes from America would be sent home, Rachel, who instantly collapsed to the floor.

The place turned into an all-out sob fest as Simon and Rachel's mom consoled the crying teen. Nicole broke down too at the judges' panel, only to be consoled by Paula.

So there you have it, the top four are Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene and Marcus Canty.

What do you think of the results? DId Nicole totally chicken out by voting for Rachel?

Sound off below! 

Comments (51)

storia:  1148 days ago

I won't be watching xfactor until they get rid of the mentor program and judges that cannot make a difficult decision. Rachel blew Canty out of the water tonight and chicken-crybaby-nicole, only after gazing back & forth at LA, just couldn't make the obvious right decision. Sending that girl to her knees in a pool of tears is beyond forgiveness - would be different if Rachel had not beaten Canty into the ground.

How this will affect next week's voting is obvious: Votes for Josh won't be there 'cause of Nicole - votes for Canty won't be there 'cause of both Nicole & LA.

Competition between the judges is doing this thing in - gotta' fix it for the sake of integrity.

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Feel Sorry For Her:  1148 days ago

The judges are being paid to judge. Nicole should have gotten her head out of her ass! Rachel is a better singer than Marcus. She sang better in the sing off. If the judges can't do their job then Simon should look for judges that can. Thats what they get paid for. Nicole screwed up and thought Marcus would have had lower votes. She could have saved Rachel and she wimped out. DO YOUR JOB! Simon should fire her!!

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Shawn&Gab:  1148 days ago

Rachel was WAY better than Marcus.... Nicole is so stupid, she doesn't deserve to be a judge in The X-Factor..... Apparently America likes "horrible singer" ---> Marcus Canty

Simon should put his PANTS ON & FIRE HER!! or He should bring Donald Trump to the show & tell to Nicole "YOU ARE FIRE"

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Seldombinlaid:  1148 days ago

Nichol knows she screwed up badly, and this isn't the first week. I'll never purchase another product with this womans name on it. She sent two people home that didn't deserve it. She is horrid.

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Arincon:  1148 days ago

Nicole is so stupid, Marus and Rene have no business being there at this time of the show and Marcus 3rd time being in the bottom 2 should of said it ALL!! True winner here is actually Melanie, but Drew and Rachel should of been able to do at least 2 more shows while Marcus and Rene should should of took there place and be gone. AMERICA THIS IS A $5 MILLION CONTRACT THEY R COMPETING FOR. This is not American Idol!!!!! Judges should give both of them a HIGH pitch song, I bet they wont be able to do it.

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Jillian:  1148 days ago

NICOLE SHOULD LOSE HER JOB FOR THIS. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME SHE'S BALLED HER HEAD OFF AND SAID "I can't do it, I can't do it." I bet Simon is furious at her for this and he should be.


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lawsuitwaiting2happen:  1148 days ago

Oh give me a break! First, I'm no Nicole fan.. but look at what happened last week, 2 judges spoke out, and voila, death threats on twitter and other social media for their 'wrong' decision. Now, they leave it to a vote, and you guys are griping.
Look at the recent 'Occupy' movement.. their whole point is that the voices of the people need to be heard, the 99% and the 'democratic' majority/opinion needs to be followed. And when a decision, like this one, is given to that democracy.. you guys rag on it.
I guess it's wayyy easier to have a judge 'make a tough call' and all the arm chair critics can complain, then it is to get off your a$s and make a phone call and live with the popular vote... cause after all.. when these artists are 'stars' people also 'vote' with their money to buy their albums!

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debbiedoesnothing:  1148 days ago

Nicole is a lousy mentor and she's an even lousier judge. I loved when the audience booed her. Marcus is good but it was his third time in the bottom. He deserved to go home.

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ylg:  1148 days ago

Don't you guys realize this was all fixed. The fact that they played on the emotions of this little girl makes me angry. Marcus is obviously the worst singer in the bunch.

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Hey Girl Haaay:  1148 days ago

Nicole Scherzinger is a ******* idiot!!

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bluzzone:  1148 days ago

Nicole Sherzinger's credibility went out the window tonight. Whatever was left of it. Simon should send her home.Her behavior was actually cruel to Rachel.

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Brooke:  1148 days ago

Nicole is such a worthless excuse for a judge. Her job is to JUDGE. If I showed up to work and refused to do my job, I'd be fired. If Nicole is back next season, I'm no*****ching.

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RUP:  1148 days ago

Shame on you Nicole. If you can't do the job, have enough sense to leave. You are a disgrace. A deaf person good have heard that Rachel was better than Marcus. Even L.A. said so, but NOOOO you had to be the drama queen and get all the attention and destroy the dream of a beautiful, talented, wonderful young lady. I hope people boycott your music and send you on your way. There is no place for you on this type of show.

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RUP:  1148 days ago

sorry, i meant a deaf person could have hear Rachel was better.

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Marilyn:  1148 days ago

This whole program is screwed up. Rachel's first song SUCKED on Wednesday night but none of the judges were brave enough to say so. They simply said "I love you Rachel". What kind of feedback is that? Rachel is adorable and incredibly talented and I believe she's going to have an awesome future in the entertainment industry. In spite of that, she never would have made it to the end, although it appeared that Simon was telling her that she could. No wonder it was such a shock to her. Somebody had to go ... it was just a matter of time before she was gone just like it's only a matter of time until Marcus is gone (next week??)

Don't blame Nicole for this (although she drives me crazy too). This whole show needs to be revamped ...

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