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Courtney Stodden: Red Bikini for Funny Or Die Skit!

media_removed_toofab 102011
Courtney Stodden is moving up in the world ... and she's doing it in nothing more than a bikini!

The 17-year-old bride of 51-year-old "Lost" star Doug Hutchison stepped out today to reportedly film a Funny or Die skit with Jason Alexander.

Yes, you read that correctly; the curvy Internet sensation and a "Seinfeld" star are actually working on something together!

The teen had no problem showing off her body walking into the shoot, flashing photographers a lot more than a smile as she opened up her leopard coat -- revealing a skimpy bikini underneath.

Check out the pics above. No word on when her video will debut.

Comments (10)

moso:  1148 days ago

She does have a nice body (who doesn't at 17!!) but looks WAY OLDER!!! I would hate to be her when she is in her 20's... Hooker looking now... Has been when she turns 21...
Stop following this tramp!!! Holy ****T!!!!! Besides marrying a perve... WHO THE HELL IS SHE???????????????

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Pris:  1148 days ago

People need to remember she is a minor, and is only 17. If she would not be married, she would be jail bait. Even though she looks good, she is only 17, she is a teenager. Men need to remember would they want other men looking at their daughter like that. I am sure most would not allow their daughter to be exploited like that.

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mz1:  1148 days ago

Supposedly she was a virgin until Marriage and doesn't drink or do drugs.

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Jdawg:  1148 days ago

Right,,those are her real boobs,,yeah right.

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Lizzie:  1148 days ago

I still don't believe this chick is only 17. No way. She's had an obvious boob job (you can see the scar on the left one), and plastic surgeons won't usually do that kind of cosmetic wor*****il the patient is an adult. She looks more like she's 24 or 25, and I'll bet that's what her original birth certificate says too.

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Darren:  1147 days ago

It is no wonder that teenagers get plastic surgery, marry old men, have babies when they're 12...because they get their 15 seconds of fame. Everytime I click on this site I see Courtney is wearing some skanky outfit.

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Lori:  1146 days ago

why does she only own that 1 pair of too small shoes??

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DiamondLil:  1145 days ago

When I first heard she was 17 years old,'re kidding,....right? She looks far older than she actually is. She looks harsh,.....hard,.....mot attractive at all. She's more of a 'Hustler' type of model,....never a Playboy or Penthouse. The old f*ck must be besides hisself,.....she married you, for her career,....ceratinly not for love,.....GAWD ! could you possibly be that naive? You wanted to f*ck her, and the only way that would happen, is if she was your wife. What's sad, is her husband is a really good actor, but will now be known as the perv that married a 17 year old. She is truly harsh and hard looking,.....and this is at 17, goodness, what the hell will she look like at 25?

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duaanne:  1138 days ago


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