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Duggar Family To Hold Memorial For 20th Child

1209_duggar_singleMichelle, Jim Bob and the rest of the Duggar family have begun healing after a difficult week.

During a routine ultrasound appointment, the stars of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" discovered their 20th child no longer had a heartbeat. The child -- a girl -- was due next April.

Afterwards, Michelle returned home on the advice of her doctor to rest and let the miscarriage occur naturally (she was not given medication to induce contractions due to the cut created by the emergency Caesarian she underwent while giving birth to their 19th child, Josie). "The kids are mothering me now," the 45-year-old mother said.

The miscarriage occurred Sunday and Michelle was taken to the hospital for observation, People reports. According to a family spokesperson, she is expected to return home Monday.

The family held a private memorial Sunday night at their home for the girl, who they named Jubilee Shalom Duggar. A second memorial service will be held this Wednesday for friends and family members.

"We have had many tears today," said Jim Bob, 46. "This is life, and I understand that we are going though something that many others have. You think about the what-ifs, but God gives us strength to go on. We won't be able to see this child's life and the phases that we've seen for our other children, but we know we will see this child in heaven one day. We are thankful for each child, and we are blessed to have the children we have here and the ones we will meet someday in heaven."

"We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, emails and outpouring of love," Jim Bob wrote in a letter shared with People. "As our whole family is grieving, we also know that God promises to work all things for good in our lives. Our prayer is that Jubilee's passing will help us all realize that this life is short, and our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing. He gives us a peace in our hearts as He guides us through whatever we might face."

There was one reason to be happy over the weekend. Daughter Josie celebrated her 2nd birthday on December 10th. Michelle's preeclampsia caused the youngest Duggar to be born prematurely at just 25 weeks, weighing 22 ounces. Fortunately, Josie has had no long-lasting developmental issues.

"We were looking forward to this birthday because it is a milestone for her," he says. "It is wonderful that she is with us and doing so well."

Michelle and Jim Bob's children range in age from 2-23. Their eldest son Joshua and his wife Anna have two kids of their own.

Comments (12)

Alan Carver:  1104 days ago

Okay this is simply ridiculous! Seriously, women all around the world miscarry every day, but this twit thinks that by having a memorial service for this unborn child is really necessary? She was only 4 months into this pregnancy and it is NOT uncommon! I have no respect for someone who has this many children (2 - 23) I would think that SHE/THEY would be happy with those kids and be done ... this exploitation of having this many kids reminds me of, I don't a HOARDER! This Duggard Family is a travesty and they need serious counseling! Dr. Drew where are you when we need you most! YIKES!

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sienna:  1104 days ago

1st of all 20 wks=5 months and that baby had a heartbeat, facial features, arms, legs.. and Michele was likely feeling her wiggle around. They have the right to grieve for their loss no matter how many children they have. We all may have our opinions about the size of their family but maybe we can keep our opinions to ourselves this time and leave them be.

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Sarafina:  1104 days ago

She's 45 and likely this will keep occuring until she is no longer producing eggs. Stop breeding, Michelle--your body is trying to tell you something and you're NOT listening to it!!

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Laura :  1104 days ago

OMG!!! enough with the kids, why does she keep in having babies when shes too old for starters and she had problems with the last one, she should take this as a sign from her so called God that she shouldn't have anymore kids EVER. And who cares how many kids she has or doesn't have I used to enjoy watching there show but now I can't stand it all they talk about is there kids and God.

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nkyjenn:  1104 days ago

After she gave birth to her last child Josie, the doctors told them that any future pregnancies were a risk to both Michelle's life and the unborn baby's life. Michelle almost died during Josie's birth. I guess they value producing more kids over their other kids growing up with a mom. Would they want their remaining kids to grow up with no mom if she died due to pregnancy complications?

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lady:  1104 days ago

My prayers go out to the family. God has blessed them and continues to bless them daily and will get then through this loss.
What a wonderful family. They have no debt, they eat very well, help others out and live the way God has intended all of us to live. It is not for me to judge as we all have God to do that. I can understand alot of people dont know the bible and will have to agree to disagree.
Even before there show aired they were not in debt and not living off welfare. There hard working people and have instilled those great values in there children.

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Lori:  1103 days ago

Enough with the negative comments. I think she needs to stop having children too because of her age and how many things can go wrong with a late in life pregnancy, but it isn't my choice, it is Michelle Duggar's choice. They appear to be a very loving family and they do not receive any money from the government to live, so what harm is this doing to the average American? NONE! And if they want to have a memorial for the baby, then fine... how does that effect anyone outside of their family? To all you haters, find something more worthwhile to hate!

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me:  1103 days ago

Maybe it's a sign to stop having children? It's like they're addicted to reproducing like rabbits...

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Spankysash:  1103 days ago


At 20 weeks you physically give birth to a baby. You mourn and bury that baby. I honestly think she has a ton of kids but a loss at 20 weeks is absolutly devasting.

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jess c:  1101 days ago

Why is everyone so concerned about how many children these people have? They are not bad parents. They're not on welfare. I have only seen a few of their shows but they seem to be well behaved well adjusted kids. Why judge these people?
Alan Carver really? I don't know where you get off. Your the travesty just because these people don't live the same lifestyle that you do you're going to judge them YIKES! I have personally suffered two miscarriages, It's devastating. I was only a few weeks along. I couldn't imagine being so close to viability. I think making fun of a babies funeral is disgusting. I think it's along the same lines as protesting at soldiers funerals. Mr. Alan Carver your the travesty, perhaps you should take your own advice and call Dr. Drew

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christine:  1099 days ago

My heart goes out to the dugger family. I think it was a great thing at what they did. I watch their show every week and every season i love it. I think that they are a very good family and that what they believe in is good. People just need to be quiet and leave them alone.

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Mama Mia:  1099 days ago

Every child is a precious gift from God, and one cut short is very heartbreaking. It doesn't matter if it is the first or the hundredth. You dream of holding this gift from God to find that he has taken this gift to give to you when you come to see him in heaven. People might look at this as whatever get over it, and others brace this way of mourning, to each their own. It can be quiet between the parents to the whole family mourning but people should respect how the family mourns, because you never know if it may happen to you and someone might look at you and call how you deal with this loss that you are an idiot, how would you feel

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