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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: Trying for Baby on Reality Show

Kim Kardashian
and former husband Kris Humphries were ready to have a baby together -- and talked about procreating in one incredibly awkward scene from last night's "Kourtney & Kim Take New York."

The reality star had babies on the brain during Sunday night's episode, where she flat-out asked her then-husband if he was ready to have kids.

"I'm like 30-years-old, I'm kinda ready," Kim told Kris on the roof of their NY hotel.

Kris seemed entirely receptive to the idea, telling her "Let's do it. I'm excited, I really want to" -- before telling the camera "Family's really important to me, so we'll just kind of see what happens."

Then Kim offered up this gem: "Real success in life is having kids, finding your prince charming and falling in love and settling down."

Unfortunately for them, their marriage would fall apart after just 72 days.

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dragon0788:  1145 days ago

It's totally unbelivable...

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jane:  1145 days ago

Tired of the Kardashians? Sign the petition at Over 230,000 signatures!

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Isabel Lazo:  1145 days ago

looks totally fake

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mebrat24:  1145 days ago

So the mother cheated on her first husband and obviously when he died, he left his estate to his children, not his cheating ex-wife. So she pimps her children to get what she missed out on. What did Bruce Jenner ever see in her? And now she's got him dying his hair black and getting a facelift to look like a Kardashian. The family is disgusting. But they will continue to make tons of money and continue to flaunt it in our faces until the public boycotts everything they touch. Please, America, we are 300 million strong. WE HAVE THE POWER TO GET RID OF THE KARDASHIANS!

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jane:  1145 days ago

Had enough of them yet? Sign the petition at Boycottkim ((dotcom)) Over 240,000 signatures!

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Meems:  1145 days ago

What do you morons with the petition expect to happen? That people will sign and they will just disappear? If you don't like them then don'*****ch them, don't read about them, don't buy their products. But who are you to tell others what they should watch, read, or buy... The petition is a moronic idea that will go no where. The shows have high ratings and until that stops, which I don't see happening soon, they will be on the tv. Maybe you bored housewives with no lives who are pushing this "petition" should put your efforts towards something good. Like homeless children, people with life threatneing illnesses, or learning how to be prodoctive and less annoying.

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Sherms:  1145 days ago

Does anyone else notice how their "affection" seems so pushed and fake?? She is a stupid piece of crap. I cannot believe I ever liked them.

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willie1:  1145 days ago

If anyone thinks this is "reality" then you need to get a mental evaluation. We are forced fed on a daily basis of what the hodashians are promoting. Commericals on almost every friggen channel, can't go to the store without seeing them pasters on at least 5 or more magazine covers, every news site has some stupid moronic story about them. We don't care when they take a sh*t and don't care if there thinking about taking a sh*t. They have become so over exposed with there own BS it's all down hill from here.

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Laura :  1145 days ago

she is just another dumb you know what that has nothing better to do than rip apart a young mans life and use him up till he has nothing left to offer her. She just used him to get more ratings because her show was sucking and going down in the dumps, I wonder if there entire relationship was ever even real maybe she hired him or paid him off to be on camera with her, the entire family would do anything for a buck.

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Lilly Pad:  1145 days ago

Can't STAND that family,......and that big goof Kris Humphries, he never had a chance in hell,having a successful marriage,...with the meddling mother-in-law Kris Jenner and the fould mouthed sisters. I mean to say, he may be no prize,.....but he got took in,thinking he and Kim would just walk the pth of marital bliss,.......big dumb ape,.....never had a chance.How can you have a successful marriage when the brides world revolves around herself.

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Meems:  1145 days ago

The ratings for their shows are not down and never were... If that were the case then they wouldn't keep having new shows. Sometimes people are different once that marriage license is signed and better she get out now than when they have 2 or 3 kids and they have to suffer through the divorce. It's so nice to know that all of you out there are so perfect and have never made a mistake. The only difference is yours are not filmed and recorded for the world to see.

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Holly:  1144 days ago

"The only difference is yours are not filmed and recorded for the world to see."

The only difference? Wow you actually buy into this sh*t? Ever seen a film crew set up, ever seen what goes into a 5 minute "segment of made for tv". Ever heard of editing or the cutting room floor. You think this cr*p is real and spontaneous? They play act for the camera............they do this for $$$$. Millions of morons like you buy into it and the K's laugh all the way to the bank.

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Meems:  1144 days ago

I never said everything was "real" like our lives are real... Of course some of it it set up, it has to be it's tv... But to judge someone's feelings and emotions is stupid and judgemental of people. If Kris is half as annoying and immature as he "plays" on tv then I can see why she couldn't live with him. Making a mess just to annoy her? My kids did that to each other when they shared a room. At the ages of 10 and 13!

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Marsy:  1142 days ago

That was so fake. I remember the last season on "keeping up with the kardashians" all he did was "B" about Mason's playtime. Even in earlier episodes of "kim and kourt take ny", he complained about mason being up so early and all he wanted to do was sleep in.

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aribella:  1137 days ago

i dont understand, why thery are all popular again, all comes from kimmie's sex tape. well the shoe doesn't interest me, they're making billions, i just don't know why

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