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Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell's Twitter War Rekindled

Well, that didn't last long.

Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell rekindled their Twitter war after months of ceasefire. "Access Hollywood" reported.


The Donald fired off the first salvo Wednesday afternoon, shooting off this tweet: “Same last name, same bad ratings- @lawrence and @rosie,” linking to this YouTube clip where he called Lawrence O’Donnell and Rosie O’Donnell’s talk shows "complete and utter disasters."

Rosie followed up with a tweet of her own, asking "how many billionaires sell ties and have crappy non reality shows - none - go back to selling snake oil - #bankruptmuch?"

Donald then got personal, targeting Rosie's new fiancee Michelle Rounds. "I feel sorry for Rosie‘s new partner in love whose parents are devastated at the thought of their daughter being with @Rosie--a true loser,” he posted.

More name-calling followed, with Rosie firing off several tweets, calling Donald an "ass," a "crazy ass orange man," and using the hashtags #jokeofaman and #loser.

Donald's last quote on the matter read, "Save your time @rosie and focus on your horrible ratings, and don't mention my name on talk shows anymore or you will get more of the same."

Whose side are you on? Donald's or Rosie's? Or do you just want both to disappear? Tell toofab in the comments below!

Comments (16)

Sandy:  1139 days ago

I am on Rosie;s side!!!!! Trump thinks he is God and thinks if someone does not agree with him he has to trash them like hes 10 years old. He should never bring Rosie's children into it. When you mess with someones klds them are fighting words!!!! He is just mad because no one wanted to do his debate and needs to take it out on someone He is a bully. I am sure he will be on every show tomorrow trashing Rosie and the media will fall for it and let him say what ever he wants and not confront him

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STFU:  1139 days ago

Team rosie

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katykeene1:  1139 days ago

Team Trump...Rosie is a butt ugly bitch. She is nasty.

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wirelessmom:  1139 days ago

Team Trump. Rosie is awful. Couldn't stand her on the View, couldn'*****ch her short, short show on NBC, and now I hear she's got another show. Who'd watch.

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Areader:  1139 days ago

Trump is a pompous a_s_s!

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KAREN Christopher:  1139 days ago

twitter wars at their ages - Shame and Trump shoulda kept his trap shut!

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Marsy:  1139 days ago

I agree with Karen Christopher. Lol I thought the same just upon opening the article.. "Twitter war at their ages! - They'd to anything to stay relevant." I'm sure Rosie and the Don have a mutual agreement somewhere. C'mon it's not hard to believe. They have teams who control their accounts and the Don hangs out with Vinny from the Jersey Shore.

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spyseagullrobot:  1139 days ago

I agree with Rosie-he is an Ass! But if she did mention his name in a talk show she kind of asked for trouble. they should both never talk to or about eachother if they hate eachother so much what is the point in feeding all that negative energy isn't life too short. You'd think someone with the advantage Trump has would be happy and not a miserable person who has to say hurtful things about others to get his jollys. what a loser.pretty below the belt attacking her girlfriend to. not only is he ugly and his hair ugly but he's all ugly on the inside to. At least Rosie does positive things and is a great person beautiful inside and out. Oprah is a best friend of hers. enough said. Trump gets the short end of the ugly stick on this one in my opin and pun intended.

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Manda:  1139 days ago

Seriously? What a bunch of idiots.

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JLS:  1138 days ago


Donald stepped WAYYYYYYYYYY over the line when he mentioned Rosie's new fiance.

Fine if he doesn't like Rosie but that's outrageous and nasty.

She never has mentioned his half his age wife or little boy. Why did he go there?

Crappy Republican.

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Dee:  1138 days ago

Can't stand either of them. Wish they'd just GO AWAY!!!!

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lady:  1138 days ago

TEAM TRUMP- Rosie has always been starting crap with people. Thats why none of the big networks want her anymore. If you ever see her in person you will never want to watch her again. She is rude and loud and think she is above everyone else. Never will go see her again. She looks as stragly in person as she does on tv and mags.

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ralph:  1138 days ago

OMG-- rosie is disgusting. She is so far out in left field along with M. Moore. I would shoot myself if I woke up next to that crazy sleeze

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willie1:  1138 days ago

Donald Trump back to his old school yard bully ways...and some people think he should be president? If he was president we be in world war 3 because someone insulted his hair. The RUMP has classic narcissistic personality disorder. He thinks he god but all he is is creepy!

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clarkins:  1133 days ago


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