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The Biggest Loser: See Crazy Before & Afters!

"The Biggest Loser" has a new winner -- and John Rhode is half the weight he used to be!

The 41-year-old special education teacher won the show's 12th season last night (and $250,000!) after going from 445 lbs. to 225 lbs. -- 49% of his body weight.

It was an impressive feat, beating 27-year-old Ramon -- who went from 335 lbs. to 201 lbs. -- and former NFL star Antone, who lost 45% of his body weight.

Congratulations to John! Check out all the other contestants' amazing transformations above!

Re-watch the winning moment below:

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Meems:  1141 days ago

This man will gain it all back mark my words. When he went home he didn't go back to work, was having his wife cook all his meals and still do everything around the house like he was still gone. If you can't mix in the workouts and eating with your regular life you are destined to fail. You can't live every single day like you are still on the ranch.

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