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Britney Spears' Engagement Ring -- How It Stacks Up

Britney Spears showed off her new engagement ring last night at fiance Jason Trawick's 40th birthday party in Las Vegas.

The 3 carat, diamond paved band sparkler definitely cost a pretty penny, but how does it compare to other celebrities' engagement rings, and even her previous one?

Back in 2005, Kevin Federline bought Britney a 5.5 carat diamond engagement ring with platinum band. Both of her rings pale in size to other stars' rings.

Kris Humphries gave his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian was a whopping 20.5 carat diamond ring valued around $2 million.

That tops the 20 carat ring Christina Aguilera received from ex-husband Jordan Bratman, the 18 carat ring Jay-Z gave to Beyonce, and the 17 carat ring Nick Cannon gave to Mariah Carey.

Reality stars don't fare too badly in the bling department. "Real Housewives" star Kim Zolciak received a 10 carat sparkler from Kroy Biermann. Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian was given a 9 karat, radiant-cut diamond paved band by Lamar Odom.

Check out all the photos of celebrity engagement rings, above!

Comments (17)

Be a little inappropriate~:  1136 days ago

Whatever I love her ring it's pretty and classy and really who the hell needs a 20.5 carat ring??? only douchebags walk around with that many carats on a ring.

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Willa:  1136 days ago

It's beautiful. It's should NEVER be about the size of the diamond. Your marrying the man, not the ring.

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sammy:  1136 days ago

couldn't britney wash her face before going to her own engagment party??? something about her still doesnt add up! Is she still mentally unstable??

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Mackenzie:  1136 days ago

Um, at least she didn't have to buy this one herself... Raise your hand if you really think K-fed bought the 5.5 (or anything) with his own money.

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RedSoxGal#25:  1136 days ago

If I remember correctly, Brit BOUGHT HER OWN engagement ring when she married Federline, so let's take that right out of the equation! That being said, her ring is beautiful, and perfect for what he could afford. Get over it!

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azriel:  1136 days ago

3 carats is great and he bought it with his own money. Britney said previously she had a jeweler came to her house so she could pick out her own ring (which she paid for) after SHE proposed to Kevin. This time is was Jason who proposed AND bought the ring.

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val:  1136 days ago

I had a tiny diamond ring when I was engaged and now I have huge onesthat crowd my fingers when I wear them so I don't. It's all about love and he's a good guy who is in her corner and has been from the beginning .. Onlyugly people care about his looks for they .. he or she .. are too ugly to take a walk in the park alone .. they need a centerpiece to make them look better ... and it usually makes them look worse. .. I wish them happiness and maybe even a couple of kids too .. of their own .. not the overseas PR bought and paid for kids leaving our American orphans in the dust .. simply bought for career objectives to keep them in the spotlight without having to pay for PR like Brad and Angie. BRITNEY'S RING IS GORGEOUS, A CONVERSATION PIECE FOR IT'S BEAUTY AND ELEGANCE .. A CLASS ACT ALL THE WAY .. CONGRATS TO YOU AND YOURS BRITNEY AND TO ALL THOSE WHO RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE !! LOVE IT !!!

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TheUltraworld:  1136 days ago

This is the second engagement ring she's paid for.

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daisy27:  1136 days ago

I could have a billion dollars and I would STILL not walk around wearing a 20 carat ring. Why don't you just walk around with money sewn on your clothes? Get real. Considering most"real" women are lucky to get one whole carat, how much of an ass do you have to be to walk around with an asteroid on your finger?

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livelolluv:  1136 days ago

It should be about the man, and how much you love him - not the ring.
On another note, no offense but Britney doesn't look very nice in the slideshow photo...Something doesn't look right - but at least she isn't bald in this one!

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Kelly:  1136 days ago

I love this ring best of all of them mostly because unlike the other rings mentioned this ring clearly was not purchased by the bride herself through some "deal" in Kim's case some back door funds surely were laid down on the ring.
Kim would have never received her ring had she not pulled strings to get it, no way would these boyfriends have the money to pay such a price for those rings on their own.

This ring is what it is supposed to be and comes from where it should, it's not some show piece to wave around in an look at me parade, it the real deal.

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erikdvreps:  1135 days ago

I really love the ring, and it should never be about the size. However, it should be about the people.

However, how i see britney, this should not a happy guy LOL

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Greygoose125:  1135 days ago

Lovely ring and she looks happy - congrats to the couple. Glad to hear someone is getting married with all of the recent celebrity divorces.

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sparkle:  1133 days ago

Simple is classy! Your engagement ring shouldn't cost more than most peoples annual salaries, homes and retirement fund combined! Congrats Brittney and Jason. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

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