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The Kardashian Christmas Card Is Here!


The Kardashian/Jenner clan just released their annual holiday card -- and this year, it's in 3D!

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Bruce, Rob, Kylie, Kendall, Lamar, Scott and little Mason all went glam for this year's photo shoot -- with the entire family wearing black except for mama Kris, who sparkles in a green sequin dress.

According to Kim's official website, the card was shot by photographer Nick Saglimbeni and can be viewed in 3D when the correct glasses.

"I love our family Christmas cards shoots and I think this one looks amazing!" she added.

Check out some more closeups from the card above -- plus see the Kardashians' many holiday cards through the years.

Our favorite: The one with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Comments (36)

Dani:  1138 days ago

HAhaha! Looks more like a Sears catalog photo shoot! SO damn tired of this stupid family.

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marbles:  1138 days ago

Can you say 'wholly airbrushing'?

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Firefly:  1138 days ago

Wow look at Kloe she looks slimmer than Kim. Talk about photoshopping. And once again Kris is the center of attention with the only color that was different from the rest. Can you say sticks out like a sore thumb? And what is up with Bruce? He's changing his look by the day to look more like a kardashian. Next Kris will have him change his name to Kardashian so that she can also go back to that name. What a bunch of losers!

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beyunkahROX:  1138 days ago

Oh gawd

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b.mclane:  1138 days ago

See they are coupled up...Kim's "plus one" is a stone pillar. So apprpriate in so many ways. So over these 2-D people.

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Meems:  1138 days ago

I think the idea of Christmas cards with pictures is over the top any way so good for them, this is an awesome and unique idea.

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Isabel Lazo:  1138 days ago

LOL seriously! Isn't Kris always complaining about her weight? cus on the pic she looks perfect=PHOTOSHOP! ummm why does Khloe look so thin?=PHOTOSHOP! and why was Kim's ass put on Kourtney?=PHOTOSHOP! LOL! Next year, why don't they just recycle some old pics? They'll just get photoshoped LMAO

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Nunya:  1138 days ago

ROFLMBAO! Ri Dam diculous!

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J:  1138 days ago

The real joke is that this TRASH family thinks they look good...Can you say "Adams Family"...

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AyeJay:  1138 days ago

Kim has had a great year this year (sarcasm). She was just voted the Most ill-mannered celebrity this year, most annoying celebrity this year, Oprah called her a fake for going to Haiti only to regain her image, and the world hates her for her constant lying. Also reports out that she is already going after Kobe, this girl is on a downward spiral - and I'm enjoying every second of it. You reap what you sow.

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Janis:  1138 days ago

Why do you look at th
is and keep up with them ,if you are such HATERS??? Stop complaining and qui*****ching.....

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Rosie:  1138 days ago


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Rosie:  1138 days ago


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pandoraspocks:  1138 days ago

Don't insult The Addams Family. This is the most ridiculous card from the most ridiculous family. Enough already. Just go away !!

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Phoenix1:  1138 days ago

That are soooo self absorbed. I think that in itself is why so many people dislike them. Fame and love can't live in the same house Kim...or have you not learned that yet? Khloe is making her marriage work...because her husband comes first.

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